Pace Calculator for Marathons, 5Ks, 10Ks- Template & Tutorial (Coda)

This is a walkthrough and tutorial of
the Pace Calculator template in Coda and this template is actually meant to be
used on a mobile device. I’ll show you what that looks like in a bit.
Essentially what this tool does is it helps you calculate what your finish
time would be given you know your time per mile or time per kilometer and also
help you figure out what your pace is based on the distance you’ve run
and also the time that it took you to finish that distance. I’m going to
scroll down here show you how this works. The
first thing we’re gonna try to do is calculate your finish time for popular
races like marathons, 5Ks, and 10Ks. The first thing you want to do is select
miles or kilometers as your metric. I’m gonna pick miles for now and in step two
you want to pick your pace per mile or kilometer. So you can click on these
buttons to increase or decrease the time by 5 seconds or by a minute. I’m going to
decrease it to by a minute and let’s say my per mile time is 7 minutes and 10
seconds. Down here in the finish times you can automatically see what your finish
times would be based on this per mile time. It automatically calculates in
real time as you add and subtract time to your your pace. If you want to figure
out what your pace would be for a specific race type–let’s say you ran
your half marathon and eight minutes, I’m sorry you ran your half marathon in 1
hour and 45 minutes–your pace per mile will be 8 minutes and 1 second and
you can easily edit this. Let’s say I wanted to make this 1 minute 43 seconds. You can also see your pace there really quickly. If you have a specific race type
that’s not in this lis–let’s say you have a 10-mile race type–I could put in
my 10 mile race and you can also click on this button here to
convert that miles to kilometers. And now, you have a 10-mile race type in your in
your tool. I go back to my pace calculator, and let’s say my 10-mile race I completed it in let’s say 1 hour 30
seconds, I have a really fast pace of 6 minutes and 3 seconds per mile. You’ll also see that show up in your finish times assuming you ran a pace of
7 minutes and 20 seconds Let’s quickly see what this
looks like on a mobile device. So on a mobile device–which is probably where
you’re going to be using this tool–you can quickly see what your finish times
are. You can tap these buttons with your thumb or
your finger to see what those times will be as you increase and decrease your
pace time. This tool can be used in offline as well. Hopefully you
enjoyed this tutorial!

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