Hi Youtube ! After a year, Fiasco de Gama is back And this time, we are going where Burger and President coexist So we already know what is gonna happen at the border Here is the deal for the french mofo He is coming with Iceland air If he becomes too dangerous I want to see a finger in his rectum And I want the prostate to squeak Let’s get to the topic, what am I gonna do there ? I will walk from Mexico to Canada from the West Coast Which is about 4,265kms Completely self supported And for this, I trained All along this expedition that should take 5 months I am going to raise funds for Doctors without Borders And since it is going to be my birthday I’d rather have you donate for DwB I would be very happy and I won’t forget this gift I will put a link to donate in the description And for the others, here’s a reminder 90 % of DwB’s budget comes from private donors all over the world This enables them to choose where to work indepently from any political or economic lobbies Basically, they don’t have to fulfill any external agenda But to focus only towards people in need Whether they are victims of war of violence of malnutrition of epidemics of natural disasters and neglected diseases like malaria So you have to know that all the money given through this link goes directly to DwB I don’t get anything from it Another thing is that Iwork for DwB I was in countries like Iraq, South Sudan or Congo and I wouldn’t do this fundraiser if I didn’t believe their actions had a massive impact in these countries All the links to donate, have access to the website Everything is below in the description Every little bit counts Share if you don’t have the mean to donate To your good heart my friends

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