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hi I’m Eric Hawkins the chief mechanic here at Park Tool and this is Jeff Swanson our head engineer we are here to introduce the 40 newer updated tools for 2018 we’re gonna start here this is our TS for truing stand which we introduced last year but this year we’re introducing a tilting base that fits the TS 4 and we also have a version that fits the TS 2.2 and TS 2 lots of great compartments a place for spoke wrenches and it tilts fore and aft moving over here this is the tool caddy and we had a tool caddy years ago but this is the new fresh updated version tell us about a Jeff yeah this one’s a little bit more specific than our last one where the last one had a series of round holes this one has specific places for our AWS three-way wrenches screwdrivers miscellaneous tools small parts as well as a connecting system for our HX HS which hold our p handle wrenches so tell us about those so these we had a p handle holder for our hex wrenches now we have one for our Torx wrenches as well these will be available individually and they will come in the set and these will fit much better for the torques wrenches and they will also accept our AWS three right there’s three different holes there that you can put the three aways in alongside the PM exactly keep everything in one spot moving up to the front this is our SBS 3 which is a socket and bit set and that is a big comprehensive set that includes hexes Torx bits and sockets both in a short and long version in some of those also including the SBS 3 our two other kids that you can get separately the SKT six which is a flat socket set mostly for fork caps and then the SBS 1.2 which is a socket and bit set that’s smaller so you and maybe have that in a home workshop or on a bench but not as comprehensive is this one going to move back here to the CRS 15 ext tell us about that so this is an extension for your CRS 15 really designed to accommodate for the long stair tubes up to 425 millimeters long very long so these two parts are available as the 15 ext but they’ll also be included in the CRS 15.2 kit right moving ahead tell us about these screwdrivers people have been asking us about these for a long time tell us about the 2news well we put a lot of work into the screwdrivers actually these are great fitting screwdrivers both tips the flat and the cross point are machined precision machined and the cross point is actually a JIS compliant screwdriver so it gives you a great engagement on derailleur screws and all of the higher end fasteners that we have now a CNC machine aluminum handles with knurling to give you a great feel and give you a good purchase and also a knurled area on the actual shaft of the blade to give it a good spin so a high end precision machined screwdriver exactly these are all bottom bracket tools the three in front are updates of what we make now exactly what’s different about those the profile is machined just slightly differently to provide better engagement these will engage on lower profile bottom bracket shells much better right these are three brand new tools brand new so I’ll start off with the single sided one up front that’s the B BT 27 and that’s fitting the FS a mega Evo as well as the wheels manufacturing PF 30 standard the middle one the black anodized version is a two-sided tool so that’s actually fitting the Praxis m 30 and M 35 standards that’s the B BT 35 and the one in the back here is the b bt 47 and that’s going to fit the enduro t 47 and PF 30 standard on one side on the second side it’s going to fit the Chris King right and these are all three a strive for a torque wrench compatible yep and all precision CNC machined aluminum moving back here these are the PMP 3.2 the biggest difference in these is you can now get them in park to a blue or black and they come with a new mounting system that goes on the water bottle cage mounts hm r8 which is an 8 ounce version of our bigger hammer the HM r4 so just a little bit easier to handle when you’re in those tight spots tell us about this bottom bracket tool the B BT 30.4 that is actually an extension with bottom bracket shells getting larger and larger by standards we needed to make it a little bit larger to push that bearing out right so moving over here this is the fr 5.2 G and fr 5.2 GT and basically we just made those a little bit longer to fit a wider variety of cassette lockring z’ because parts change so we have to change in front of that we have the MWR set and that is the same configuration as our regular mw1 set except these have ratcheting box end wrenches so same great quality it’s just that one end is now ratcheting moving back here these are taps and guides tell us what those fit their new taps and guides for the t47 standards so we have our threading taps which will chase threads to take out any additional paint or excess overspray on the paint job and if there’s some damage to the threads it would also clean that up for chasing threads not for creating new thread correct correct and guides to help you face the that same bottom bracket shell right so these fit our tapping set and these fit our facing exactly moving over here this is a TD 1.2 this is our adjustable torque driver so that goes between four and six Newton meters and a half Newton meter increments the only difference is that you can now adjust it by hand whereas the first version you needed a hex wrench to make that adjustment moving back here these are chain wimps and we’ve created a new ergonomic handle it’s a slightly different material the SR 12 is now 12 speed compatible it’ll go from 5 to 12 speed so we just have one Jean whip made for derailleur for use it and cassettes this is the SR 18.2 and that’s for eighth inch chain the hcw 16.2 is also 12 speed compatible 5 to 12 new torque wrenches tell us about the new torque wrenches Jeff so the new torque wrench is the TW 6.2 and the TW 5.2 same ranges the 10 to 60 Newton meters on the 6.25 3 to 15 on the 5.2 but a little bit easier to adjust there it’s a pullout handle and much more positive engagement when it snaps back in so you know that exactly where you’re at and also on the 5.2 is no longer a quarter inch drive it’s a 3/8 inch drive right so handy that all the bits fit either wrench with owner and exactly no adapters moving here another bottle opener and this is made in the design of our multi tools but basically it’s a bottle opener but also a corkscrew opener forged aluminum side plates comes with a knife and speaking of beverages this is our t ry – one try one beer tray / parts tray it’s a great table top parts holder for wet parts or just to keep all your parts together so you don’t have to use it for beer but you certainly can now there are three new products that we couldn’t fit on the table up here the first one is a ths one which is a trailhead station which is basically a public workstation that can be mounted on any post or flat surface you can use those at a trailhead hence the name you can use them on the side of a building in an apartment building on a college campus basically it’s a way to hang your bike temporarily and it comes with eight weather resistant tools because it’s made to be outside we also have a post option and that’s the THP – one the PRS 22.2 is an updated version de pierres 22 which we introduced last year Jeff tell us the difference the big difference is the smoother operation that we’re going to have this year so we’ve added a height adjusting collar so it’s actually gonna have a really positive engagement on the height you’re staying at one height and we improve the the actual rotation and we’ve added two receivers on that collar for a work tray or a paper towel holder or whatever accessory we can you can fit on there right and the other thing is we made a PRS 22 EXT was which is an extension for the PRS 22 or 22.2 tell us what that extension does that extension is going to cover really long wheelbase bikes so if it’s a really extreme head angle or just a large bike right so for 95% of the bikes it’s fine it’s this is for that really long way this is for the extreme end right so there you have it forty newer updated tools and all of these tools can be found at your favorite retailer and you can find more information on Park Tool com thank you

58 thoughts on “Park Tool – New for 2018

  1. Once u start rattling off tool part number my head goes into meltdown,tools are fantastic,pity theyre sooo expensive here in australia 🙁

  2. Was that an aluminum crown race seat? It sure looked like it. Not facing it with the CRC-1 before using the CRS15EXT? Come on Park tool… Calvin NEVER would have let that slide.

  3. Damn, just bought the SD2 and now they bring out a new JIS…..

    Although the SD2 works great, seems to be JIS and was reduced to 2.99

  4. park tool needs to make a pipe cutter in order to cut handle bars without removing them from the bike. but also large enough to make cutting alloy steer tubes cleaner, easier and faster.

  5. Extremely interesting. Alas, two days after this upload (8th of Oct.) and the Park Tool webside still does not have any information on any of the things I’ve tried to check upon, namely:
    • THS-1 (Trail Head Station)
    • THS-1 (Trail Head Post)
    • TSB- 2.2 & 4 (Truing Stand Base)
    • PRS-22.2 (Pr. Repair Stand)
    • PRS-22EXT (Pr. Repair Stand Extention)

  6. Hi I have two days with the prs-22 repair stand, but it cannot support the bike weight and the realeses don’t work properly, it is so difficult to release it. I saw that you have updated the stand but can I buy only the update?. I think that you have to prove your products previous the launch or for before you selling around the world and when it’s 100% proven

  7. Gracias por fabricar herramientas de tanta calidad, y por ayudarnos a que las reparaciones y mantenimiento de nuestras bicis sean mas fáciles y sencillas con vuestras herramientas. thanks

  8. That's not how you install a crown race. The correct way to do it is to set the crown race while holding the fork in one hand. Do not rest the fork on the ground.

  9. Something for the tool geek in me. You know that an American tool company is awesome when they make a specific Parks Tool bottle opener and corkscrew and advertise their magnetic tray as a "tool and beverage tray…"

  10. may l have some people can write back un spanish because l have to Many tool damage l get the tools in the usa but l here now in México and the store un México dot accept any warranty lf u dont show the ticket sales si lo need know what can do

  11. Very interesting, i just bought the 6 to 17 spanner set and didn't know there was a ratchet option until I saw this video. The reason for buying it and well as some other tools like your nice screwdrivers and side cutters is I want to setup a toolbox (I also bought the BX2) that is complete without having to take away tools from my garage when I go on bike trips. The type of trips I have done are generally fly somewhere, hire a 4WD as a support vehicle and take turns driving for a day generally doing about 1300km though very remote bush/desert etc. over 4 to 5 weeks. So it is important to have good tools to be able to do repairs mid trip.

    I am having difficulty fitting everything in the BX2 and was thinking of buying smaller allen keys and torx keys as the P-handle sets I have take up a lot of space so thinking of the HSX1.2 and TWS-1. I just wish the box was a bit bigger.

    But now I curious what are the most common Torx sizes, The P handle set (I didn't get the holder so something else to think about) has 10 15 20 25 30 and 40 just like the other sets but also 6 and 8, the TWS-1 has 9 and 27 and the TWS-2 with 7 as well. I have only ever used 10 25 and 30 but curious why 6 and 8 on the P-handle sets and different sizes on the other two sets and what on a bike would use torx that size?

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