Peak Flow Meter

Now we’re going to talk about using peak flow
which is a nice measure of how one is doing when they have asthma. I was talking a little
bit about what peak flow meters are used for, but I just want to show the correct use of
using this peak flow meter. This is what they look like and what you basically want to do
is stand up and breathe into this device as hard as you can. It’s sort of like blowing
out a birthday cake across the room. So, stand up, take a big breath in, (blows) as hard
as you can. Be careful that you don’t spit into the device. If you go (blows and spits)
it doesn’t really work. You need to put your mouth all the way around this device like
that. Now, you want to mark where that peak flow is when you feel good. Everybody who
has asthma needs to know what their best peak flow is. When you do this the first few times,
you may want to measure it a couple times until you get the hang of it. Then somewhere
that needs to be recorded what your best peak flow is. Many peak flow devices have a marker
on here you can see that which is green. That tells you when you’re at your best. And then
based on how you’re feeling, you can measure your peak flow when you’re having a flare
to find out if you’re really having an attack or how severe that attack is. Now, everybody
with asthma, even if it’s mild, needs to have a backup plan to tell you what to do when
your asthma is flaring. And then based on what your peak flow is we can give you recommendations
about increasing medicines. The other time the peak flow plays a role is if we’re trying
to determine where our cough is coming from. Frequently a cough can be from too much mucous
dripping down the throat or it can me from having an asthma attack. Well, if your peak
flow is generally very good and you’re coughing and your peak flow is the same, it tells us
that it’s probably not an asthma cough. The other way a peak flow meter can come in is
distinguishing between anxiety and panic attacks and asthma. Asthma attacks and panic attacks
can mimic each other and if people begin to struggle for breathing and they measure their
peak flow, they can be reassured that they’re not in crisis, they don’t need to call their
doctor and they need to chill out and relax. It’s okay to use albuterol in any situation,
but if the albuterol does not work and your peak flow is good, we need some other type
of therapy.

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  1. This is an awesome video! I love this brand! I found some more info on this website:

  2. thanks for your instructions ! and information about asthma. good information, and funny how you described it as ' blowing out the candles on your birthday cake across the room'

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