Peak of the typhoon expected on Sunday

typhoon is developing a size and
intensity as it approaches the peninsula now – tapa will be close enough to bring
rain to Jeju Island starting tonight now according to the typhoons trajectory it
will affect the southern regions throughout the early mornings of
Saturday and the central region by Saturday night the country will see the
heaviest rain on Sunday and by Monday the typhoon will be out into the East
Sea and continue its way towards Japan now this typhoon will be accompanied by
some strong winds but heavy rain will be a bigger problem now Jeju Island and the
south eastern provinces will see the most precipitation with up to 400
millimeters of until Monday and the central region will only receive light
rain of up to 40 millimeters now keep in mind of the big temperature drops during
the mornings and nights as well the morning lows are looking similar to
today mostly at around 16 to 20 degrees Celsius and to the days hoar will top up
to 26 degrees while the rain storm will keep the mercury from rising in the
south today go and come to barely reaching up to 20 degrees now I hope you
have a safe quick weekend and stay dry I’ll leave you with other conditions
around the world you

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