Periodic Table’s 7th Row

the periodic table has a seventh row now
science is an absolutely amazing thing so welcome back thank you guys again for
coming back to this is my own jizz accredited news network my name is
Swarek myalgia you guys can call me Q and I am happy for you guys to have
joined me so the so for new elements have been added to the periodic table
element 113 115 117 and 118 the elements were discovered by scientists in Japan
Russia and America first to be added to the table since 2011 when elements 114
and 116 were added the four new elements all of which are synthetic were
discovered by slamming lighter nuclei into each other and tracking the
following decay of the radioactive super-heavy elements like other
super-heavy elements that populate the end of the periodic table these elements
only exist for fractions of a second before decaying into other elements so I
think this is this is like mind-blowing to me because first of all disclosure i
am absolutely horrible at chemistry I don’t underst the first thing to know
about chemistry so but the first thing is I thought elements when I think of
elements I think of we’re going into a mind we’re going to dig up some rocks
and we’ll find some goal we’ll find some iron and those are our element you know
so that we have gas in the air so those are the lighter wants nitrogen oxygen
but then the heavier we get obviously becomes Matt like heavier heavier until
you get rocks and that was my understanding of what elements are and I
get it I get it we’re not mixing like soda and an orange juice and saying oh
it’s a Norman I get that bumping things and then these new stuff that comes into
like just new stuff that comes into life that just appears it’s pretty cool but
I thought the whole point of the periodic table was to find what was on
our planet measure it do science all whatever they do with it and then put it
on the table but I guess we can make new elements which is absolutely
mind-blowing so the four of these were verified on December 30th 2015 so just
last week by the us-based international union of pure and applied chemistry the
global organization that governs chemical nomenclature terminology and
measurements one of the researchers ryoji noyori former riken president and
Nobel laureate in chemistry said to scientists this discovery is greater
value than an Olympic gold medal which makes sense if he’s a Nobel laureate he
is this specialties chemistry finding new element on the periodic table I mean
periodic table is worldwide everyone knows that if you’re in a science class
past the like 5th grade not even even before the 5th grade you just know the
periodic table you might not know everything about it but you see it
everyone knows it so finding new elements is an absolutely amazing thing
I think it’s pretty cool international union of pure and applied chemistry has
now initiated the process of formalizing names and symbols for these elements
temporarily the temporarily named names that are used right now are just please
bear with me when I try to pronounce these names uh none trium and that’s for
element 1 13 on on Penn Pentium element 115 uh none cept septième element 117
and unlocked iam is for element 118 normally the elements are named after
mythological concepts of mineral a place or country a property or a scientist who
the scientist who discovered it I’m actually pretty excited to know what
these names are always thought some of those periodical the elements on the
periodic table is pretty cool they have really cool
James but with that being said those are the names right now once they become
formal though scientists those people who discovered get to name them tell me
what you guys would name them just tell me how if you guys are scientists if you
guys are chemists you like this kind of stuff let me know your feedback what
would you like to fight um name those elements comment subscribe see you later
thank you

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