PESANAN PAPA PIPI: Cinta 30 Meter (ENG captions)

[Are you there yet? Justice already misses you!] [I’ll be back this evening.] [Come home sooner!] [I’ve only been gone for 30 minutes] [-And the meeting’s only 30 meters from the house!] -Oh, she’s getting irritated now. What? Only 30 meters from here?! [Aww, don’t be mad.] [Can’t I miss you a little bit?] [All right, all right…
Just make sure you’re watching our darling!] [What about THIS darling?] Justice is never not funny. All right! It’s done! Papa, papa! Isn’t this pretty? Oh yes, yes. Of course! Papa…! Very pretty! Hmmph! -Justice isn’t looking too shabby today! Papa, let’s play outside. I wanna ride my bike. Okay, okay. Let’s go. Wasn’t I cool? Yes, very cool indeed! My clever little girl! Sheesh, Papa! You’re not even looking. Huh? Oh, no! It’s raining! Let’s go inside, Pipi! Thank goodness we made it into the house before it got worse, right? Huh?! Where are you, Pipi? Where did she go? Oh, are you playing hide and seek? Are you here? Here? Not here either. Pipi…? Hey now… don’t mess around. What’s this…? Pipi… Justice’s little girl…. [You let her go out in the rain?!] Huh?! She’s with her mother?! Oh, no!!!! Please forgive me!!! Remember! Technology can be used to- -connect to faraway loved ones. But…! Take care that you’re not pushing away those who are near! Let’s use technology wisely! Your mother is back! Run!!!

56 thoughts on “PESANAN PAPA PIPI: Cinta 30 Meter (ENG captions)

  1. Kebenarannya… sebab biarkan PiPi main hujan, terlepaslah peluang Papa nak "bergumbira" dengan Mama malam itu.

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