Pesca ás Chubs em Portugal com Savage Gear Nails (4K ULTRA HD)

fish hi guys and welcome to another fishing video excuse this beard but due to the operation I still feel pains in this part of my face anyway I am trying to make a video for a new species, the spot was given by a friend Zé Rego he fish here Chubs, the spot is very near my home, I am only 25 minutes away from home so is great because I am recovering the species that I will try to catch is the Chub, is not a native species There are a lot in France, in Spain too but is very rare in Portugal fish first fish in LRF and is a Chub this is the reason I am here my first chub let´s take a photo first you never forget look he swallows my Savage Gear Nails completely there it is again… beautiful fish there he goes the current here is so strong, I am in maximum speed and is hard I almost don´t move when I go back I will go 500km/h so cool first time I am in this river is a very beautiful river in the past was very polluted the kayak go side to side because of the current trying to get close as possible of that waterfall don´t know if I can this is not the easiest thing seems my kayak is stoped but as you can the or imagine the current is very strong the power is on and I am controlling with the pedals so let´s get out of here I think is dangerous and now my lure is stuck there we go now is faster going down all saints help let´s go at least I got one so at the end of this video, we will make another giveaway I will offer one Nails was the lure who catch again, to enter you need to comment in the suggested video please comment and like this video, that is great but to enter the giveaway you need to comment in the video suggested at the end “I want the Nails” if the winner is Brasilian I will offer a similar lure from Hoplias Pesca I work with that shop so you all know, at the end of this video you have a suggested video so you click on that video and write: “I want the nails” ok?

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