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Hagen Aqua Clear power filters offer outstanding three stage filtration for fresh or saltwater aquariums from five gallons to 110 gallons. It is quiet, inexpensive to run, and provides complete mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration through its unique design. It comes with a foam block, activated charcoal, and biomass media, that fit into the basket. To clean or change the media simply remove the basket, rinse or replace. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. The first thing you want to do is use this adjusting to level it and you push that in there and you put this on the tank where you want it and then you can adjust this to be closer or further so that it’s level otherwise if it’s off level a little bit. It could leak so that’s just about right there. The next thing we want to do we have all of our media, foam, activated, charcoal, and the bio mass media and there are directions in there, but you want to put the foam in first, fits in like that, this little bag you want to rinse this charcoal out first, put that in here, and then the biomass goes on top just like that, and then this fits right into there. Sometimes you have to manipulate just a little bit make sure it’s all the way down and solid. The next thing we want to do is put the siphon tube here, and it comes in two pieces, and you have to put this on first, and it snaps right into place, and then you attach the bottom right there, and make sure that this is all the way down in there, and then it’s leveled now. So we put this on the aquarium, it’s level, and now we just have to add water before you start it. Okay you can adjust the flow right here, by turning this little left or right. If it’s straight, you’ll get the maximum flow if you adjust it to the left it will slow it down just a little bit, that depends. The top fits on okay and then we’ll plug it in and it takes a second for the siphon to work. You see the bubbles coming out your impeller is down in here and your motor it’s getting that out and then pretty soon you’ll have a direct flow into the aquarium. Not very loud, doesn’t take much power to run. It’s very efficient to clean this you just take the top off, pull the basket out you, you never want to really scrub the bioballs, the biomax, you want to just rinse them lightly. The sponge can be used multiple times by squeezing it out and used aquarium water. You don’t want to use chlorinated water because you don’t want to kill the bacteria that may be in there and then you can replace the activated charcoal. It’s getting ready, it’s almost up to the top just starting to spill over now and the air will go out automatically. You can see the bubbles rising and will have flow here in just a second. There it starts and again this is where you adjust if you want to slow it down a little bit, so it’s not so strong or push it this way you get full flow there you can see it coming through right there. Provides aeration and water movement as well. For additional information on the products used in this video, please visit

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  1. Good review. This is a great filter for the intermediate fishkeeper, as it introduces the feature to eliminate chemical filtration for extra biological filtration, which is an expert technique.
    I use the 50 model on my 20 gallon livebearer tank, with extra biomax instead of carbon (or charcoal as you call it).

  2. Honestly how the hell do you use that stupid red lock thing? The picture is confusing you can't lock it if you put the mesh bag through the red ring…

  3. Interesting experience with your filter, with tens of thousands of people worldwide using these successfully on aquariums larger and more heavily stocked than yours for the last 20 years. You may want to consider that there is something else going on with the aquarium that isn't allowing your bacterial bloom (the cloudy water) to ever settle down. There are quite a few things you can do to get the bloom under control, our tech can probably shed some light on the issue for you.

  4. You don't really cycle a tank, you cycle the filter.The filter was already one that had been in an established take for 8 months. The tank is already "cycled".

  5. First off you have 5 goldfish in a 25 gallon tank. A 25 gallon tank is only large enough for 2 goldfish at the most. Goldfish produce alot more waste than Tropical fish. Either remove 3 fish and do a 50% water change or buy another pump (and run 2 of them) and do 30% water change every week. You should be doing ,at the very least, a 25% water change every week any way with goldfish. The size of the tank that is recommended on all filters, not just this brand, is for a Tropical tank.

  6. Ive got a Aquaclear 50 on my 30gal and it does a great job. I also have undergravel filtration and a Fluval U2 as well, but the bulk of the work is done by the AC50. Id be willing to bet you have a PH problem keeping the water cloudy not a filter problem.

  7. I think you need to put 25 goldfish in a 5 gallon tank rather than 5 gold fish in a 25 gallon tank… would make more sense 🙂

  8. I am having the same problem with the aqua clear 30 as well on my 50…. I have another filter working along side it and my bacterial cloud is still an issue….

  9. Hi i have an tetra whisper micro filter that came with my aquarium is Item #25799 and #25807 its 115 volts . My concern is this filter goes inside the aquarium every thing the motor and the power cord that is connected to the motor goes in the aquarium the only thing that is outside the aquarium is the remaining other end of the power cord that plugs to the wall , will this filter be an electrical hazard please explain i am new to this its for my 4 year old daughter

  10. I'm having trouble with my aquaclear, it's not getting any suction I don't think. And I don't know why, it was working fine for about a month and then just seemed to stop working. One day I noticed the water was not flowing out of it anymore, and I can't see why. the impeller is spinning, but water is not moving. Help?

  11. these filters suck Ive used them with all my tanks i finally smartened up at got a marine penguin now that's all i use best filters around-

  12. Possibly the problem is your tank is overstocked. You should ideally have no more than 3 goldfish in that tank even with a good filter.

  13. Bacterial cloud or bacterial bloom" is usually a good thing. It's part of cycling your tank. Eventually the cloud settles down which means your Tank cycling has ended. Meaning you got the good bacteria going on the help make your fish healthy and happy. Go look up "Bacterial bloom" on youtube and you'll know what I mean

  14. How high over the side is the top of filter? I have a glass top that overhangs the sides. The sides have indentions to fit tank accessories. Haven't been able to find this measurement.

  15. Just bought a  Fluval 50 & 70 Aqua Clear filter. Neither one will fit my Aqueon 75 gallon aquarium.  The upper rim/lip/brace whatever you want to call it is too wide to allow the filter to seat properly.  Neither will fit on my 180 Aqueon aquarium or my 125 (unknown brand). The only aquarium I own that it will fit is a 34 year old 30 gallon aquarium.  Can't  believe I'm the first person to experience this problem. ??

  16. I have a Betta fish in a 5.5 gallon tank with a  Top Fin filter that is too strong for my Betta.  Would this filter, on the low-flo setting, work for my Betta?  I don't want to buy another filter only to find out I have the same problem.  Does anyone use this for their Betta in a 5.5 gallon tank and is it good for Bettas?  Thanks. 

  17. Where are you adding the water to?? The carbon part or the other part (larger part)?  Also how do I get that red clip to stay on the bio max? Thanks!!!

  18. I owned this filter and was thrilled with it's design and the fact that you could add a variety of media. I was especially pleased to be able to take some ceramic bio rings from an established tank and add them to the baggie instead of using the new ones that were included, thus instantly cycling a new tank. Unfortunately I noticed on repeat occasions that after turning off after a power outrage or having to flip a breaker bc I have too much crap running at one time, the filter did not restart on it's own. It just ran and ran and ran without moving water until I came into the room and realized it and fixed it. I can't have a filter running and running without actually functioning properly while I am not home or without me being right there at that exact moment to attend to it. Eventually the filter just died because even tho it was filled with water, it would not self prime. I had to be there every time, physically pouring more water into the filter until it began to siphon water from the tank. What a bummer, I loved everything else about this filter but no way was I buying another one to replace the one that died. Has anyone else had this problem?

  19. Thank you SO much! This was very helpful, someone who finally went nice and slow. I now have my filter set up for my 20 gallon tank! Is the extra tube thing that sticks in the water just an extra?

  20. Two questions. A. How do you clean the impeller? Can it be taken out, like in the C system of Fluvals? B. Did you put the bio media in a plastic packet ????

  21. I am really disappointed with this filter, I've been using an Aquaclear 70 for about 6 months now and have come to the conclusion it's junk. The darn thing drips near the motor (very slow dripO, the impeller is a noisey and water quality in my 20G tank looks like rubbish (it's just not polished and leaves a ton of floaty crud in the water). Has anyone got a suggestion for a better filter for a planted 20G, thinking of the Fluval 206 but don't want to get another lemon.

  22. I just bought myself an Aqua Clear 20 and it is very easy to set up after watching your video. Thanks a tonne for that. Because the instruction manual is in German and perhaps Italian !!! Two questions. A. Do I rinse the bio-max before loading into the filter? It seemed rather dusty. B. How does one use the red coloured plastic locking clip on the net bag? I have never used anything like this before and I am quite clueless. If it is too difficult to explain here I will just keep it aside and lock the bag the traditional way with a good old piece of chord. Thanks for your video once again.

  23. hi…I got a fluval Aquaclear 110 unbox, and the fluval canister 406, which one you better, suck the water in the intake stronger ? because now I use the 406 and 306 fluval together but I am not still very happy the water, it's clear but it's not like crystal clear…please give me some idea..

  24. This wasn't very helpful and I think I got an extra piece and am missing the leveler. It was hard to tell since you didn't put it together from start to finish. If you're going to do a "How to" video, please show it from the very start to the end with every piece. Assume the viewer is a moron and doesn't know what they are doing. I came on here because I needed help, you didn't mention things that I'm sure other people didn't understand.

  25. Excellent video I've use Whisper EX Series Filters on all my aquariums they're noisy other than that do a great job I was curious about Aqua clear this video clears that up I will get one for my next aquarium project..Thank"s good job

  26. I changed out the filtration pieces, put it all back together, leveled, added water, plugged it in and nothing. I can hear the motor running but it's not pulling water????

  27. if you're watching this and deciding on a filter, go with these, they are amazing. other filter have cartridges that are only made to last a month and then to be thrown away and you have to spend more money on a new cartridge. The cartridges on these last a very long time and aren't meant to be thrown out every month which is the opposite of what you want in a filter in order to have a biological process going. You also can pretty much throw any media in it.

  28. I bought the aquaclear 50 Really liked this filter when i first bought it. After a year of use I see a flaw that could of almost caused my house to burn down. Where the impeller motor screws and seats into the bottom of the filter container is a o ring. Well the o ring cracked causing water to slowly drip down the cord onto my power strip. My cat started acting all weird going under my fish tank he ended up getting my attention. When I looked i noticed the water almost instantly. The power strip was so hot I couldn't even touch it. I feel like this filter is a horrible design. I have had my penguin bio wheel 330 for over 10 possibly 15 years and I never have had a problem with it leaking. It is a totally sealed unit it can't leak. If you own a Aquaclear filter or are thinking of buying one. Just be cautious. Make sure the o ring is flexible and doesn't lose its elasticity. If it is hard replace it cause its on its way out. I still think it is a stupid design.

  29. I've used this product on a variety of tanks sizes, from two gallons to thirty. It works quite well and in fact, I use two filters. Since the tank can go cloudy for a day or two if the sponge/biomass is cleaned too well, I alternate filter cleaning so one is running while the other gets component replacement and sponge cleaning.

  30. I forgot to mention it is necessary to place a small sachet on the end of the suction tube since baby guppies will get sucked in and you will find them, swimming around in the bottom of the box. You then have to stop the set up, remove the basket, pour the babies back into the tank and replace the basket. So put some very fine mesh around the suction tube and tie it off with a zip tie or similar.

  31. Posiadam ten filtr od kilku lat w swoim akwarium i musze stwierdzić że jak dla mnie to dpełnia on wszystkie moje oczekiwania zwiazane z filtracja wody. Niezwykle cicha praca, kryraliczna woda, prosta obsługa i swietna jakosc produktu. Jezeli chodzi o cenę to oczywiscie to rzecz względna w zależności od portfela. Polecam tą kaskadę

  32. Świetny filtr kaskadowy. Łatwa obsługa, cicha praca i staranne wykonanie z wysokiej jakości materiału. Jestem niezwykle zadowolony z tego sprzętu i z pewnością moim kolejnym filtrem kaskadowym będzie Aqua Clear. POLECAM !!!

  33. I want to know why your filter automatically drains the water during power outage . This can be very dangerous , and also the beneficial bacteria’s will all die without water in the system . Could u pls advise how to prevent this from happening ??

  34. It´s a very good filter. I have it in my Fluval Edge 46 liters. Still I have managed to destroy 2 pcs in less than a year due to spilling out water from the little hole in the Fluval edge so it went on the back of the aquarium and over the motor. But I´ve learnt my lesson now. Still a great filter. When I hung it on my smaller tank where it comes closer to the water surface it is almost totally quiet. In the Fluval it is a couple of centimetres more to the surface, this way you hear the water a bit more but it´s ok.

  35. Good video, thank you. A bit of awkward silence waiting for flow to start. Time sort of seemed to stand still at that point. But it started eventually, that’s what matters. Maybe next video edit out the extra waiting.
    Thanks again.

  36. Is there much of a difference between the AquaClear 2000 and the AquaClear 110, and what are the differences? Somebody near me is selling the 2000s and I can't find any information on them other than it's the old 110 version.

  37. I have a question- how do you know what size filter you have if you don’t have the lid? As I got a aquaclear filter used but not sure what size tank its for. Thanks ‼️

  38. This brand has been around for a very long time. It's proven itself time and time again to be trustworthy of filtering water and is simple to use. When I first started in the hobby back in the 80's, like many that have come and gone, this filter was one of many on the shelves then as it is today.

  39. Does it require priming every time its swiched ON? And, does it make complete circulation of water, or create short circulation zones and dead zone?

  40. Bought one 2 years ago finally installed it! Works as advertise very quiet Betta loves it and other fishes too.i use it maily at night

  41. 1 question….why the fu*k this aquaclear HOB filter is hard to find in my country Malaysia…local distributer dont want any business with this filter?…my god….instead they bring in shit fluval C series that destined to fail with stupid small bio media tray….

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