Pex pipe  from water meter to house 2 of 10 ( Digging up and removing  Meter Box )

see if it’s loose enough to hold one
thing important about these meter box whenever you go into a meter box to cut
it off to examine it whatever make sure that you look at it very close before
you start to stick your hands down in there because there have been times
where I felt snakes india in box and spiders the brown recluse this is a good spot
for it out so just be cautious because you see him face two KN ok we just lift
the top part off this week later to lift the remaining of the yeah ok mr. from around his box and these
right now see actually see one of the service line me two bucks right there too right side
by side 13 tails yeah yeah usually when i started in little closer
to the yeah water service lines it’s a little you
want to be real careful so usually I can put the shovel way in i usually use a small spade like you see
what I just did I use my hand to kind of push them in the dirt away here’s a little small garden Spade i
usually keep wanting one of these in the truck will go two jabs just for this
particular reason so that when i get now to areas where i
feel it’s kind of delicate and want to be careful we just want to like digging around this
prevent any damage to you water service as of now because there’s
water there so what we’re going to replace the
course but the meantime keep drives can yeah yeah looking at the two water and services
going into the meter box you can see that each line explorers will know that those fittings
on the and okay this apart it’s been repaired before and just do
your part down here but anyway you can see the dresser
couplings that that part has been replaced with ok

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