Pex pipe  from water meter to house 4 of 10 ( Trench all dug out )

yeah of course you see you so digging and have done exposed some of
the PVC pipe is there and force that big tree training to all kinds of roots so rather than cutting big fat roots
they want to take a chance to kill the tree just told right on right up under
the the roots all the way around it took a little longer but i think it will work yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah deal new pics line and I ran this cell
service with this course blue and blue is a simple actually you know for cold by the way you can
find yourself x-pipe this is 3 quarters pics like a fireman on 100 foot rolls so this role was actually just about
cutting probably about 40 feet or less to eat hells and you see at the tip of the x-pipe I
have some duct tape covering the whole to make sure it doesn’t get in to it as
I feed it through and under the roots to help them reach yeah yeah ok yeah yeah

3 thoughts on “Pex pipe from water meter to house 4 of 10 ( Trench all dug out )

  1. It seems strange to see water main pipe so close to the surface. I can see how easy it would be to hit this pipe with a gardening project!

    Because of freezing, all of our mains up here in Canada are at least four feet deep.

  2. Hello Does The City Mark Your Water Line? Where Do I Get The Pex Pipe From.Awesome Video I Have A Tree Also Not Funny.

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