Pex pipe  from water meter to house 9 of 10 ( pex adapter and valve to water at house )

ok and this ball valve here is just a regular of three-quarter-inch like to type all them and I guess now you can see what I mean when I say fight this is one way to we determine the type of threads and it is ok on the other end of this of course is the exit at the quarter-inch mail two pics right there with that on the off position and the way all right right here we just like giving me all the end just gonna expand its fitting and that’s it this is the plumbing of future everyone will be coming yup get in put our x-raying expander place called it takes time shrink fitting Google search on here right now ok of course this house

5 thoughts on “Pex pipe from water meter to house 9 of 10 ( pex adapter and valve to water at house )

  1. To trench the dirt, I used a gas powered, garden tiller. Since I"m in southeast Texas and we don't have a frost issue, I went down about 6" into the soil. It took about 4 hours from start to finish. I used the 3/4" white PEX.

  2. I see that you are using Pex pipe from the meter to the House. My house has no City Water Hook up and it has Well Water wich I'am going to eliminate.  For the Section under the Crawl Space, Should I use Galv. pipe for the section that would connect from the outside of the Foundation to the Manablock or Pex All the Way?

  3. I was told PEX is not supposed to be exposed to light.  Shouldn't you have joined the PEX to galv underground, or put a cover on it?

  4. II have watched a lot of your videos and I love almost all of them this one though has me a little confused and baffled I think it would’ve been better To run copper or iron pipe two under the ground then made it pex connection I don’t like the pex coming out of the ground. Sunlight and too many possible break points above ground. Just my thoughts. I love all your work. You and another guy I watch do great plumbing work. Is pex allowed underground in California?

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