What’s going on YouTube? John Conrad here with DroneOneMedia, wanted
to share the Phantom 4 Pro range test that I did yesterday. Took it out for the first time yesterday,
first flight I took the high capacity battery that comes with the Phantom 4 Pro and I wanted
to test out the range. Now I haven’t flown the Mavic, I know the
range on that is very very good. I’m coming from the Phantom 4 which only runs
on the 2.4Ghz spectrum, it doesn’t run the dual band like the Mavic Pro and the new Phantom
4 Pro run both the 2.4 and the 5.8 so right away I noticed that the connection was rock
solid. As you can see on the screen, it stayed in
2.4Ghz for the entire flight. I didn’t see it go to 5.8. A couple times I did notice that the connection
dropped, and one time it says aircraft disconnected just very very briefly you’ll see here coming
up. But that was actually because I was pointing
the controller down towards the sand. I was sitting on the beach during the flight
because it was quite a long flight to go out and back as far as I did and that’s the only
time I noticed when the connection dropped. Other than that, when I was pointing it directly
out when the antennas were perpendicular to the water, meaning the signal was shooting
straight out over the water the connection was rock solid. And a big, big change from the Phantom 4,
the Phantom 4, at least in my experience, would have never made it as far as I did on
this flight. So on this flight I actually went out 19,000
feet, which is 3.6 miles (5.79 kilometers) and I decided to turn around because it was
getting close to where the return-to-home point was, I think my return-to-home settings
are a little conservative because I could have gone farther but in any case it was not
bad for the first time range testing the Phantom 4 Pro. Now here you can see the drone actually stopped,
because I reached my distance limit. The max distance by default is turned on in
the app. So what I had to do I just kind of turned
around just to see the coast so this is again flying in Huntington Beach, California. I made sure to stay below the 400 foot limit,
but I wanted to test the range. So I figured it was a Saturday afternoon,
a quiet afternoon, nobody was at the beach so I figured it was a good time to test it. So as you saw there, I turned off the max
distance setting in the app which enables you to go as far as you want. And I sped up this footage too because I know
it was quite a long flight, think it was about 17 minutes round trip so I didn’t really want
to bore you with that. So there you can see I was at 19,083 feet
(3.6 miles, 5.79 kilometers), 300 feet and you can see the HD signal is down to 3 bars
or 2 bars but very little interference. You’re not getting the glitchiness that you
would get with the Phantom 4 where the HD transmission or the live feed would often
times pixelate or lose signal. The Phantom 4 Pro I’m very impressed with,
it’s really seems to be rock solid. So I’m very excited for all the long range
people out there who like to go out a long ways. I think the Phantom 4 Pro and I think the
new Mavic Pro obviously run the same transmission, the same bands 2.4 and 5.8. Both of those are great for long distance
flying. And I sped this footage up a little bit faster
on the way back so you didn’t have to sit through it for too long, but yeah this has
been the Phantom 4 Pro range test. So stay tuned, I’ve got a lot of content coming
for the Phantom 4 Pro. If you haven’t already seen the unboxing video,
I will link it in this video. Also, I did a first Phantom 4 Pro test footage,
it’s about a minute long. I did some shots in 4K with the new H.265
codec so I will link that as well in the description below. If you like the video, go ahead and give it
a thumbs up, it really helps me out a ton, and if you never want to miss any upcoming
videos, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Alright this is John Conrad from DroneOneMedia,
we’ll catch you in the next video!

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