Pioneer Cycle Sports Single Leg Power Meter Installation with ANT+ Computers

hey everybody this is Jonathan with Pioneer Cycle Sports and in this video we’re gonna show you just how easy it is to install Pioneer’s left side power meter crank arm with an ANT+ device like this Garmin Edge 520. Pioneer’s single leg power meter is a great way to get into training with power. The crank arms come in both Dura Ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800. In Dura Ace they’re available in lengths from 165 to 180 millimetres for the Ultegra you can get lengths 165 170 172.5 and 175 millimeters. Right out of the box the sensor is set up for ANT+ single-leg mode, so it’s ready to give you total power in your Garmin computer. To confirm that the crank is set up and and plus single-mode remove the battery replace it. You should see the orange LED blink 10 times. Now before going any further we recommend that you check to be sure that the Garmin computer has Garmin’s latest firmware. Now from your Garmin cycling computer we’re going to pair the sensor as you would any other ANT+ device. In the Garmin 520’s case, scroll down to menu, scroll down to settings and press Enter, scroll down to sensors and press Enter and add sensor. Scroll down to power and press Enter. The Garimn will prompt you to spin the crank to ensure the sensor is awake, we recommend three rotations at about 60rpm, either direction is fine. Once the sensor is found the power meter will be displayed with the ID listed. Be sure the Pioneer’s ANT+ ID is checked and press Enter. Your Pioneer your power meter is now paired with the cycle computer. Finally you’ll want to be sure zero calibrate the sensor before you ride. Again: menu settings sensors, select your power meter, scroll down to calibrate and press Enter. You’ll see calibration successful when done, you’re ready to roll. The powermetre does provide cadence using the built-in accelerometers, but for the highest precision you can use the included magnets. To do that we’re going to install them using our magnet placement template. Look at the proper magnet position by placing the template on the crank spindle, and then temporarily tape the magnet on the frame. Now install the crank arm, gently give it a spin and check that the sensor clears the chainstay and the magnet. You want to be sure that the sensor is no more than ten millimeters from the magnet when it passes. If the chainstay doesn’t provide enough clearance, you can place the magnet on the downtube or seattube. To ensure you have proper magnet distance remove and replace the battery, rotate the crank forward at about 30rpm. You’ll see a green confirmation light indicating that the sensors and magnet are in close enough proximity. Permanently attach the magnet and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget for the ultimate in power meter accuracy, Pioneer offers a way to upgrade to a dual leg system with their right side upgrade kit send them your drive side crank and they’ll install sensors and ship it back to you. Once you get your crank back simply install it back on your bike. For pairing we’re going to want to switch both sensors to dual-leg ANT+ mode. To do this remove and replace both batteries, both sensors will flash orange for roughly ten seconds and while the LEDs are flashing press the mode switch button for three seconds and release. This will switch both sensors to dual leg mode and ANT+ balance metrics will now be available. Thanks for watching, I’m Jonathan and if you’re looking for the video on how to set this up for a Pioneer computer, click right here. Subscribe to our channel for more updates and remember knowledge is power and power is king

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  1. Sounds so easy yet I’ve never been able to pair my single crank pioneer to any other cycle computer other hen pioneer 😱😱😩 am I missing something !?

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