1. What an absoulty beautiful tank. Was a good laugh watching you being a weather man also 🤪 and they say men can't multitask 😂

  2. I have really wanted to get into aquascaping for a while now and Green Aqua’s videos are giving me the inspiration to do it finally

  3. Remek videó, külön tetszik, hogy nem csak az akvárium berendezést, és a növények ültetését, hanem a szűrő és a co2 beszerelését is mutattátok!

  4. Got my hardscape from a natural stone shop, they're making staircases and stuff like this and you can get pretty cheap stones suitable for aquariums there

  5. The added plants and a little more hardscape definitely gives a fuller and more mature look, loving all the content from the aquascapers on youtube lately, keep it up!!!

  6. Kedves Green Agua!

    A leírásokba esetleg tudnátok egy irányadó árat írni, hogy egy ilyen összeállításnál mekkora összeggel kell számolni? A honlap alapján össze lehet állítani, viszont rengeteg többletmunkától mentenétek meg sok embert(köztük engem is :D). Amúgy remek videó, remek csatorna, csak így tovább! 🙂 Köszi!

  7. Absolutely beautiful I never thought about a white background to help accent the colors used in the aquarium. Thank you for the great idea!

  8. what is your maintenance routine for the next weeks/month to prevent algae? please respond ASAP Im planting and flooding tomorrow!

  9. Hey there… How did u get your hardscape to sink? I don't see any cable ties or glue used to attached them to the rocks.. my hardscape float the moment water was about 70%

    It was a terrible crushing feeling 🙁

  10. Balazs I think a good thing to do ,when creating a Aqua scape,is create a lay out,blue print.Get together the specific sand,and substrate,along with the kind of Hard scape.

  11. Balazs I enjoy,and think your videos,and all the other Green Aqua scapers create a lot of amazing styles.If I ever get to visit Budapest,I will come by Green Aqua and say hi.

  12. Balazs ever been to Saint Augustine Fl?You would love this town,its the oldest Spanish Settlement in the United States.I work in a Gellato Shop on Saint George Street,Cafe Heldago.Come in and say hi.Question last month when you gave me ADG your Green Aqua Partner website,I contacted them,to order a ADA 60P,I heard from a designer,gave me a price,then never heard from him.Guess there busy with orders.Have a good weekend yall.

  13. Can you upload a beginner's video without advancing the scape and let it grow out? I'm new to this stuff and it seems like everytime you do a beginner's scape you can't just let it be. I'd like to see what it would turn out to be and with time add to it.

  14. There is no fine pad? i have an eheim 2215 and there is sponge and fine pad inside. Also some lava, eheim substrat pro, sera siporax and purigen.

  15. Hi guys, I used to have a low tech tank when I lived in Germany, I've been living in Australia for the past 10 years and miss having an aquarium, I'm planning on going hi-tech this time and you videos are full of tips and info that is going to be of great help in putting my aquarium together, I'm wanting to go with an Australian outback theme but im struggling to find designs online would you be able to do a build in an aussie outback theme?

  16. I tried the dry start method after watching all the inspiring videos on YouTube and into my 2nd week after watching couple of other videos 😭 got into painting java moss (yoghurt method) on driftwood. Now I have white mould starting to show up in my driftwood alone. While it might be harmless as claimed by another bunch of videos, it's killing the looks by slowly taking over the moss. Please suggest a way to get rid of those white stuff?

  17. Ive watched for a year now and only just realised i wasnt subscribed. I am now. May i add, like and subscribe is not as valuable as 'share'. Love the work guys. Much love from Scotland. Joe.x

  18. Cheers..i know its obvious…but its obviously missed. Im not so clever though. Be nice to know the name of who is presenting..take nothing for granted. When you have a name its more personal…as we as hobbiests are..thanks..am i right thinking your name is George.as in farmer?..only joking..youll get my point..cheers

  19. What the type sachem matrix in your filter.. I don't understand how to determine the order of each type of sachem.. type of mech, ring or sand? To much type.. I cant know the diffrends kind of quality and function . Plesee help

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