Porsche Taycan event in 5 minutes

– [Translator] We are very
happy to have you here for the presentation
of the Porsche Taycan. With the Taycan, it’s the first full electric sports car, we present. – In this car, we see the DNA of the 918 Spyder super sports car and the 919 Hybrid, our
three time winner of Leman. Let’s have a look at the key facts. Top drag speeds, up to
260 Kilometers per hour, consistently over a long period. Zero to 100 in just 2.8 seconds. Zero to 200, amazing 9.8 seconds, and not only once or twice,
but many times in a row with no loss of power. The overall boost
function in Launch Control provides a peak power
of up to 560 kilowatts, which equals 761 PS in
the combustion world. And the maximum torque of the Taycan, is up to incredible 1050 Newton meters. It has proven as much on the
Nurburgring, Nordschleife, where it achieved a sensational lap time of seven minutes 42 seconds only. But there’s much more it can
do namely, long distances. WLTP, the Taycan achieves a
range of up to 450 kilometers. It can charge with a peak
power of 270 kilowatts. This means, under ideal circumstances, it takes just five minutes to be ready for another 100 kilometers of range. The Taycan is the first
series production car based on an 800 volt system. In addition to that, we have developed a two-speed transmission
for the rear axle. The first gear ensures
maximum takeoff performance while the second offers high speeds and accelerations reserves as
you expected in a sports car. We have succeeded in an
outstanding drag coefficient of only .22, without any
compromising on the design, which you will see later. Systems like electric
active role stabilization, three chamber air suspension and rear axle steering are available. The Taycan also has best in
class regenerative power, up to 265 kilowatts,
only by using one pedal, the brake pedal. – The most important factor in
the beginning the proportions and the Taycan definitely
redefines that in the segment, proportions that fit
Porsche with the sporting with to heat ratio. The unique layout of the
batteries in the chassis makes this form possible. As a result, the rear passenger seat even lower than expected
and the driver position is very similar to that in the 911. But now let us have a look at the front. We no longer need more
space for combustion engine, therefore, we could lower the bonnet. Combined with extremely
pronounced front fenders, we can emphasize the
topography of the front end, which is typical for Porsche. Characteristic on the front
are the new headlights with their progressive
and very slim graphic. The headlights shape has a floating object and combines itself with
a functional air carbon. This optimizes the aerodynamics
and increases its range. Two further important
features in side view are the fast looping roof-line and the side window graphic
which is inspired by the 911. In the interior to challenge
to connect heritage and future of the brand was even greater. The driver display, with its
new freestanding curve design, emphasize the deform
and ensures everything of importance is in a view. The clean and minimalistic
design of the dash panelist is supported by a
seamlessly integrated center display, an optional
front passenger display and a new innovative air vents. The sloping center console
combined with a modern sports seats emphasize
the feeling were low and very sporty sitting position. The material and color
concept make it possible to tailor individual features from traditional through modern. Classic leather is available as well as a sustainable tanned leather and for a first time in a Porsche, we offer completely leather free trim. – It is different from
anything else we have created in more than 70 years of Porsche sports. 100% electric. 100% Porsche.

100 thoughts on “Porsche Taycan event in 5 minutes

  1. Chassis design lines are a mess, the motorized charger flaps pointless, the headlight layout channels recent Kia models. I wish Porsche success, and hope this is a RIOT to drive, but taycan keep the looks.

  2. Use the technology for building low priced vehicles for the billions of people on the panel.
    Include a solar charging package.

  3. Range "up to 450 Km!" Turn on the heaters if it is in the winter time, and the range will go down to 100 Km or less. And how many hours to recharge? 8 hours? Only good for those who have local commutes and how would it handle Canadian winters? Clearly this is a vehicle for the wealthy.

  4. What the market needs is a $30K electric sports car to compete in the mustang/miata/camero range. I could see honda or toyota trying to step in this opening. It 's what electric cars really need to go mainstream: something fun and affordible.

  5. Almost the same performance of a Model S at 150% of the price. I thought it was going to be much cheaper. It is actually in the same price class as the Tesla Roadster. If you want to get the real ultimate BEV wait for the Roadster.

  6. So an electric car that has the same quarter mile speed as a Tesla for 1.5x more the price… Wow those German Engineers are something else.

  7. So, basically a 2012 Tesla Model S without the big touchscreen. For 5x the price. But, it's nice to see other manufacturers trying to catch up.

  8. Tesla Model S has far more range (590 km WLTP) and is far cheaper. Not a Tesla competitor but still good to see that other manufactures are bringing electric cars.

  9. Always wanted a Porsche as a kid, bought a cayenne s at 34 years old as a family car. Let me tell you worse car ever, nothing but problems and the price to fix was unreal. From parking sensor problems to engine misfire to defective coils, it was fast but will never buy another German car again and I had a bmw 328i, a Mercedes c230 and the Porsche Cayenne s, now I drive a Toyota minivan with 296hp 0-100 in 7 sec and seating for 7. I would recommend the Toyota to any one, now I’m forever a Toyota owner.

  10. 800v is cool.
    Gearing is cool.
    Everything else is unimpressive. Tesla Model 3 Performance is comparable for about a Third of the price.
    It's great they're doing this, it's a start.

  11. Why do them call it turbo and turbo s? I know it is Porsche’s trim level, but there is not turbo charger in this EV!!!!

  12. Porsche reminds me of Samsung phones. Good specs and all, but a lot of unnecessary features that bog down the experience. Tesla is the Silicon Valley car

  13. Nice , well designed interior !!

    Not everyone wants to have a tv in the middle of the dashboard. . . ( are you watching tesla ? )

  14. Watching this really makes me regret my absurd, and unbelievably shortsighted, youth. Had I made better choices, and taken one minute to stop and think about my future, instead of spending all my time socializing, goofing off, and doing what I wanted to do, rather than what I should've been doing, maybe I could afford one of these, or even have helped design it… I'm turning 36 this month, maybe it's not too late to turn things around…
    (Oh, and to answer the question from the pinned comment, I want an all electric 67' Chevelle SS 😉

  15. I love it but I'll never be able to afford anything remotely close to that. I can't even afford a junker lol. It's a beautiful piece of artwork though.

  16. TESLA 2.5S 0-100km une Berlinne plus rapides que porche et sa restera toujours un prototype on verra jamais le jour de cette voiture pensé y!

  17. People complaining about the price don’t understand the car. It was designed as a EV car with great Porsche performance. VW and Audi will likely be the ones to come out with EVs to compete with the Model 3 and S price wise. People forget they are all under one ownership lol

  18. This was the weirdest presentation to watch. Audio cutout multiple times and they way they were just cutting to Mark Webber in some white room while they swapped feeds was really funny.

  19. 9.8 to 200kph, might it match or beat Tesla on the quarter mile after all? And thanks to stronger regen, using less energy per run 🙂

  20. this is truly the beginning of the end of combustion cars. it is a great transmission but it hurts to see that we won't be hearing good engine sounds several years.

  21. The specs don’t matter when there is no where to charge to go to another state or city. Yes, it can charge fast like Tesla, but where to charge. I don’t see Porsche chargers anywhere. Don’t tell me it’s coming, because it means nothing.

  22. The only thing Tesla needs to do is change the battery pack in the model s to the same as the model 3 and it will destroy the Porsche

  23. Another expensive German engineer junk. If you have money to burn then buy it or stick with Tesla for better value and better range and performance. By the way, thank Tesla for release your patent technology to the world. Everyone is making electric cars. That is the future of things to come.

  24. High level Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT were saved “last minute” by Rimac technology. Without Rimac they would be several years behind in high performance EV market. Old farts running the Porsche came late to the party. High tech know-how (800V architecture, two speed gearbox for rear axle,…) came from Rimac.

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