Presenting the Itron Axonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter

MWA is proud to present the Itron Axonic Ultrasonic flow meter, the convenient integrated solution to
district heating and cooling applications. This meter boasts an outstanding dynamic range that augments the reliable meter readings that Itron
is well-known for. With an insensitivity to disturbance and a consistent flow path,
you can rely on the Axonic to operate in a wide range of environments. The Itron Axonic is an excellent choice as a replacement for older Woltmann
meters. Available in various special lengths it can be fitted into older pipe installations without the time and expense of conversion. The meters mobile split-flange design, makes the installation process convenient and easy.
The Axonic’s raised electronics allow full pipework insulation ensuring your readings are not influenced by temperature changes. The meter is
equipped with dual pulse output giving it remotely to reading capability. Thanks
to its universal interface, the Axonic can be easily combined with Itron
calculators like the CF 51. This allows the system to power inside and enables self-diagnostic functions. This means that the system can detect instances of back-flow or trapped air, automatically informing the operator of the problem. With MID and PTB approvals and Class 2 accuracy to EN 1434, the quality of the Itron Axonic is well and truly attested. These approvals also mean that the Axonic can be installed at any parts of the UK or the EU. Contact us today about our full Itron range of meters, available in a wide range of sizes and flow ranges. Buy now from the largest meter stockist in the UK.

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