Product Overview – Hanna HI98194 pH/EC/DO Portable Multiparameter Meter

Hi everyone, I’m Tiffany with Hanna Instruments
and today we are going to go over our HI98194 multiparameter meter for environmental and
water treatment professionals. The meter features a clear display with dedicated
buttons for measurement, calibration, and unit selection. Powerful logging features and an easy calibration
process make this meter a great tool for your water quality program. Hanna Instruments provides you with affordable
and accurate equipment to help you achieve professional results. Unlike basic testers and meters, the HI98194
features electrode diagnostics to ensure that users can spot a potential problem quickly. This meter offers CAL Check to alert any potential
problems. CAL-CHECK lets you know when the probe needs
to be calibrated, cleaned, or replaced. This way, you can trust your results every
time. The core of your testing system is your probe,
and the HI98194 is made with field use in mind. This meter is supplied with a multiparameter
probe for TDS, EC, pH, DO, and temperature. Unlike many multiparameter probes, our meter
includes all of the sensors, accessories, and solutions you need to start taking measurements. This unit is perfect for professionals who
need a multiparameter water quality meter for wastewater, freshwater, or seawater. If you would like to learn more about this
meter, visit us at . Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and
Instagram, and subscribe to the channel for updates on products and services. If youd like to learn more about this meter,
click here. See you soon.

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