ProSense Digital Panel Meter – How To Scale Inputs

In this HOW TO video, we will cover how to
scale an analog input in a ProSense digital panel meter.
I am currently using a DPM2 model with a 4 to 20ma signal from a pressure transmitter
with a range of 0 to 100 psi. The pressure transmitter is connected
to an air compressor that has a maximum pressure of
60psi. First we press Enter Pro for program. Enter
and we get InP for input. Press the right arrow button and
select dSP for display and press Enter and SCAL should display on the meter. Press Enter
and InP1 for input one which we need to set for 04.00 for
our 4ma input. Press Enter and now we see dSP1 for
display one and then changes to 00.00. What this is saying is our 4ma input will display
0. This is where we want our lower end of the scale. Now we
press Enter and we can change the decimal place. I move
the decimal to the hundredths place and press Enter. Now InP2 displays briefly, and then
we want to enter 20.00 showing our 20ma input. Press
Enter and we see dSP2 for display 2 briefly, then 10.00
displays on the screen. This setup will scale our 4 to 20ma input to a 0 to 10.00 psi. If
I press Enter it stores the setup. It did NOT give me a chance
to change the decimal place on my display 2. The decimal
place is setup only in display one and will reflect the same in display 2. If I turn on
the air compressor, you can see that our scaling is off by 1 decimal
place. Let’s correct our error. Press Enter for program,
and Enter again for InP for input. Right arrow for dSP
or display, Enter for SCAL and Enter for input 1. Now after we press Enter and we now see
04.00. Press Enter for display 1 and we see 00.00. Here
is where we need to correct our error. Press Enter and the
decimal will blink and we can now use the right arrow key to move our decimal. We need
to move our decimal to the tenths place. Now press Enter
to accept the change and the meter will display Input 2
which is still at 20ma. I press Enter again for display 2 and now you can see we display
100 for our upper range of 100 psi. Now if I press enter, the
setup is now stored and our correct reading should be
displayed. It says I have 14.8psi. If I look on my air compressor, I have right at 15psi.
As I increase the pressure to 60 PSI, the display is pretty
close to the analog gauge that is on our compressor. I hope you found this video useful and follow
us to our other How to videos on the ProSense Digital
Panel Meters. Thanks and have a great day.

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