Protective measures against health risks in the aftermath of a typhoon

now the seasons 18th typhoon me tag
brought torrential rainfall to most of the southern region of South Korea over
the past 36 hours flooding homes and businesses they’re also fears there
could be a spike in waterborne infections as waterlogged areas are
especially prone to unsanitary conditions choi jungmoon has more typhoon me talk triggered hundreds of
cases of flooding and landslides leaving a trail of destruction in their wake
homes in the southern parts of the country including the city of Pohang and
jeju-do Island were battered by heavy downpours of up to 200 millimeters in
rain swollen rivers and overflowing sewage drains are also causing serious
health concerns as they can carry diseases through water it is possible to
contract waterborne illnesses such as dysentery typhoid and hepatitis A in
areas where the storms have passed people can become infected by germs and
viruses carried by the contaminated water there is also a high risk of food
poisoning after the passing of a storm agricultural products submerged in
contaminated water can cause stomach aches and nausea to make matters worse
the humid weather provides an ideal growth environment for bacteria that
causes food poisoning due to the many typhoons that have made landfall in
Korea the seasoned mosquito populations have also reasoned which carry many
disease risks of their own experts say people should avoid eating fruits and
vegetables that may have been submerged during a flood and to keep their kitchen
tools clean to prevent mosquito bites people are advised to remove any puddles
of water near their homes and install mosquito nets
Jaejoong Yoon Arirang news

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