You can put it in the waffle Mikaela has asked us to put churros in the waffle But let´s go further by putting some good frozen batons Tighten the lid to warm it up and the few minutes we have great truncheons crushed I must say that smell extremely well like you’re in an authentic churreria we take a little or a lot of sugar let’s try and, They were a tad dry but they had a pass Pili Hogg has gone mad and we have asked us that we put all this at a time the worst is that there are other ex-maniacs who support him three hundred so we take a little oil We open the crescent in half We put a few teaspoons of yogurt and Oreo right in the middle our expectation that this was good were zero good not zero, minus one but when you open it gave off a smell so amazing and surround that shook your brain inside everything was done unndesastre as your room the cookies were completely melted but when we tried, a taste explosion occurred in our mouth Liz asked us to metiéramos cookies and as you know I love chocolate what better than some cookies after a couple of minutes start to smell a little weird then that is the time to remove them they have become a kind of pasta but no sleazy total, chocolate chip cookies, they can not be bad start wanting to eat them despite the smell, and knew fatal, they had burned the time came, jellybeans mess xd You will not believe what happened, not clickbate hundred percent real, not fake (Runs ya ya ya, mother) Oh boy! (Oh oh) Oh boy !, haha my mother but, what is this? my mother we repeat time for podáiss appreciate the seriousness of the matter it seems that we had put inside unicorn vomit as you can see in the liquid state it is impossible to remove so we put it in the fridge to try to harden and remove a piece but the cure was worse than the disease the gummy was hit both the waffle iron and a couple of teenagers in San Valentin in the end we lost our gofrera given you have finished with it (Nooo) But we have bought a new one! one, much more powerful so if you want to test it Fight Us down in the comments put anything in gofrera We choose ingredients with more votes comments it’s up to you! and if you want to win a waffle iron of expcaseros stop by the behind the scenes and you can see us try everything in this video apart from participating in the draw and see you in the next video, until the next


  1. Holah soy de 2921 Y vengo del futuro 😀 (Y les digo que las cosas no andan muy bien en 2921) dejen las peleas 🙁 las guerras ! Paz y amor.. También aparte de las guerras cuidemos nuestro planeta… 🙂

  2. Porfa plis xiusplau meter en la gofrera mmmm…… A abrir una lionesa ponerle canela miel y una pizca de azúcar xdxdxdxd jajaja ja lol enserio plis zoy roso

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