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Hello Guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. Today, I’m doing some water changes right now, but in the meantime I thought ‘Why don’t I introduce you to something like this?’ This is Pure Nordic’s WHITEBALLS [laughing] and don’t laugh, because I know I’m trying to not laugh, but that is actually what they are. They are white mineral balls, okay? And uh, let’s go over what they are on the back. They are special mineral balls for Crusta Aquariums. You get 18 in a container like this. I’m gonna read the back so you can read that as well, but you might not be able to see this. Nordic WHITEBALLS are a mineral based ceramic ball that is specially designed for shrimps. It vitalizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system. WHITEBALLS will also remove odor and impurities. It also brightens the shrimp’s body, color, and aids in moulting. The balls remove dangerous ammonium, ammonia, and nitrate. How to use correct- Usage: put the balls directly inside the tank or in your filter. Dosage: 9 balls per 30 liters seems to be acceptable. and your manufacturer: Bionic Nature GmbH & Co. KG. Alright so there you go. The reason I’m showing you this today guys is because I’m gonna put some in my tanks right now, and I want you to tell me in the comment section below if you would be interested in buying these from me, okay? ‘Cause I’ve held off buying them because I don’t want to buy too much stuff and then it sits in my store and doesn’t sell. Okay so, but.. Y’all know the benefits of mineral stones and Pure Nordic is renowned for it’s quality. There you go it says it [laughing] they are “Superior Quality for your Shrimp powered by Dennis Udengaard”. There you go Dennis. ‘Kay so we’re gonna open it, open it, this is a fresh one. It is 248 grams. Let’s open it and see how they’re like inside. Now, I already have them in my tanks so I know what they’re like. But this is for your viewing pleasure 😉 And there ya go. What’s the chances of them getting stuck like that? There you go, c’mon! Actually remind me of marbles a little bit, or Bon Bons, any of you guys in the UK know what Bon Bons are? There you go, so that’s how much you get. And just off the top of my head, I think these are… maybe 17 euros? Just off the top of my head, I’m not 100% sure the price yet, so that’s something I’ll have to check on. Okay so go onto Google, stick in your currency converter, 17 euros into dollars/pounds/whatever. Tell me if you think you would like to buy these, okay? ‘Cause if enough of you say yes I will. And we are gonna put them in some of the tanks. Right, ’cause, uhh, some of them.. some of them lack mineral balls/mineral stones/etc. So we’re gonna put some in the top first. I wanna try and make a little pyramid here so, it’s gonna be 4 for my little pyramid. In this one. I hope I’m not gonna crush anything in here putting these in, I shouldn’t crush them. One Two Three Got stuck relatively close together, for us to do a little pyramid. There you go, that wasn’t hard was it? That looks pretty, pretty nice. Now these balls, I know for sure, get covered in algae quite fast. I was a little bit worried about the, the way they look in the tank with them being really really white but they do eventually get covered in a lot of algae so don’t worry about that. Let’s get them in here as well. I’m an artist, I’m making a little formation! There you go. Alright, what d’ya think? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comment section. And I’ll catch you all in the next one! Love you, byee~ Bye guys!

6 thoughts on “PureNordic WHITEBALLS !! ? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Marks Shrimp Tanks

  1. Mark you kill me… "am an artist"!! Dude I love your videos and am addicted to you bloody videos can not wait to start a shrimp tank and be 1/4 as successful as you!!

  2. Hey man ur vids are really awesome…m from India Pune…n i have started my shrimp tank lookin at ur videos…n its goin gud…juss havin alil prob with the nematoda worms…culd u help me get them out from my tank…as i have 6 baby fire red shrimps in there n dnt want anything to happen to them

  3. Removes ammonia? Yep, zeolite. Very common, very cheap. Throw some granules in a small bag and pop it in the filter. Same thing.

  4. Nice video, I see you added 4 balls in that big tank, many would you recommend for 30 ltr tank? Cheers

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