Qualitative and Quantitative Data

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Math video everyday. In this video I would like to talk about
Quantitative Data vs Qualitative Data Data can be divided into two groups called
quantitative and qualitative data Quantitative data is numerical
Qualitative Data id descriptive data Let’s look at examples of both
Examples of quantitative data would be The number of pets, time of day, the temperature
outside Quantitative data can be graphed
If you count or measure, you are collecting quantitative data
There are two types of quantitative data, discrete and continuous
Discrete data is usually data you can count and continuous data is usually data you measure.
I have a separate video on these two types of data.
Qualitative is descriptive or observations and uses words
For example, the color of a house, smell of a sock, texture of a shirt
Quantitative or Qualitative Consider a cat
Quantitative Data would be the cat has 4 legs and weighs 10 pounds
Qualitative data would be the cat is yellow, and has soft fur
A bookshelf Quantitative would be you have 50 books and
is 150 centimeters tall. Qualitative data would be it is multi-color
and has a smooth

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