– Hey everyone this is
Cory from Aquarium Co-Op and today I’m going to compare four major brands of air pumps to
see how loud they are. They all claim to be silent or very quiet, but we’re gonna find out who’s the winner. Who was most expensive. Who was cheapest. Who performs well for your money That type of thing, and to set up the experiment I have basically set up a 100 gallon stock tank. We’re gonna go outside here. It’s got a Kaldnes media
and a sponge filter. We’ve got equal lines running into this room that will be much quieter. So then, we’re gonna compare the Eheim pump that just came out. Which is a roughly 50-60 dollar pump. We’re gonna compare, I went and bought this one even though I didn’t need it, but this one is I would say popular. A lot of people own them, so the Tetra Whisper. Then we have the Finnex P-9000 and we have the Aquatop AP-100. Now to be fair, let me
cover all disclaimers here. This pump has been running
for, lets say, six months. Maybe eight months. This one’s probably over a year old. This one’s brand new in the box and to be fair and honest, this pump was sent to me for free to do a review on. Now that being said, the numbers aren’t gonna lie. So I’m not gonna tell if
this thing is the loudest. I’m not gonna tell you it’s the quietest. You’re gonna see it, but just full disclosure here. I thought if I can get
four pumps of major brands here in the same room,
under the same conditions, with relatively the same specs, we should be able to
determine something, you know. So this one right here is
rated for 120 gallons of water. This one’s rated for a
100 gallons of water. So is this one, so is this one. So they’re all larger air pumps and, you know. ‘Cause I feel like the larger
ones are gonna be the loudest where a small pump sometimes companies have a small pump that’s really quiet and the next size up is a chainsaw. So lets just go ahead
and test the big ones. We all already alll know that
all diaphragm pumps like this will get louder as time goes on typically. So, you know, we may need
to work in a little room for error here on the two used ones. I don’t have brand new ones here to shoot the video with me, versus these, but we can compare prices and
product and things like that. So, lets go ahead and get started. I’m gonna get hooked up now to, you know, the real microphone. The tripod and everything and
we’ll do an actual test here. So if you wanna know who
makes the quietest air pump, stick around and we’ll get to it. Alright, so to run these tests
I’m just using a free app I was able to download on my phone and it’s a DB meter here and I’ll put it on the screen and as I talk it is changing. So you can see we have somewhere around a base line of 30 DB. It’s not the most quiet. I’ve got a little bit of sound going on over in the other room. It could be a little quieter. If you were running this in
a really, really quiet room you’d have a little less leeway there, but that’s the baseline
and so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna read out the numbers that each pump puts out. So I’m gonna start with the used ones, because I have them ready to go. So what we’re gonna do, everyone of them is gonna
be hooked to the same two airlines and so it’s as close to, not ideal conditions but same conditions for each one. I can’t think of, well, I’m
not gonna say I can’t think of a better test, but this is
what is practical for me to do. This is the best thing I can
do for comparing real life scenario, they all go the same tank, they’re actually hooked up,
’cause pumps are much louder when they don’t have tubing on them. So, we’ve got one right here. This is the Aquatop. We’re gonna make sure
they’re all turned up to high and we’re gonna play
with that a little bit. So I’m gonna go ahead and plug it in. (machine humming) Alright, we’ll make sure
that they’re all sitting on their rubber. (machine humming) You know this one, let me
go ahead and pull it out. You can probably already
hear it on the mic. Meter at 70DB. Maybe a little more. So yeah it’s at 65. So we’re at 65DB. Lets see what happens if I turn it down. Does it get any quieter? If I turn it all the way down, which I don’t know if that
can still do it out there, but at the quietest… we’re at 58 DB. So if I crank it up again, the Aquatop 100 used for about a year is at… 63DB. Alright so that’s our baseline now. So now we know we’re somewhere between 55 and 65DB for this pump. Next up we’ve got the Finnex P-9000. We’ll start it in the high mode. We’re gonna plug it in. This one’s also been
used for like six months. (machine humming) We’ve got a hum going here
’cause that’s what they do. My app crashed, got to
open it back up but… So we are at 62DB, full running. Lets turn it down to low. At low we’re at 57. So we’re somewhere between 57… and 62. This one has more rubbery
feet so it can move, maybe it’s absorbing it a
little bit more, you know. So lets go ahead and try the next one. Here we go this is, you know they claim, this is the shape of silence. So they’re not even claiming it’s quiet. They’re just claiming it’s silent. It doesn’t sound silent, but lets see what the meter says. So we have 62DB. I feel like that was the same
as the other pumps roughly. I mean the Aquatop one
was a little louder, but it’s also been used the longest. So to get a fair test I
feel like I would have to get a brand new one there, but yeah we’re definitely running at 62DB and I can’t get it any quieter. So that’s where the Whisper 100’s at. Lets move on to the Eheim. I’m really hoping, and I
literally haven’t opened it, I’m really hoping it is quiet, because it is a very expensive
air pump in my opinion. Wow! So just so far, it does sound quieter to me. Okay? I have no idea. So it’s between 49 and 50DB and if we know the other pumps
were running at like 62DB and this is the loud setting
so let me turn it down, like if I wanted to turn the
air down it’s got little… (machine quietly humming) So 49-50DB even if I turn it down. I think at like right there
it’s a little louder halfway, so lets take a look at that. It’s all in my imagination. So 49-50DB is what that’s doing. Hopefully long term it stays super quiet. That’s the thing is that we
don’t have longevitiy on this. So lets talk about a few things. Let me un-plug, well I can
leave it going whatever. Lets talk about a few things here about these air pumps. So at the loudest one,
was the Aquatop one, 72 or something like that, okay? The quietest one is at 50Db. Now the problem is, DBs
don’t mean a whole lot, because maybe this free
app isn’t that accurate on what the DB rating is. But, I feel like even
when something is kind of inaccurate you can use it to
compare it to other things. So, you know don’t take
my word for it that that was exactly 49DB, but know that is was probably 12DB quieter than the Whisper air pump for instance, and the Aquatop, and the Finnex pump. So they do make a claim it’s ultra quiet. I don’t know if that’s ultra quiet, but it is quieter. Yeah, so lets do some comparison here. So all those pumps I showed you, the Aquatop one and the Whisper one, they are under 20 bucks or 20 bucks something like that, okay? To save 12DB, I wanna say this one on Amazon is like 55 bucks. So its almost, lets
round to simple numbers, almost three times the cost and it probably is because
those ones were actually less than 20 bucks on Amazon. So, it’s three times the cost to save… 1/6th the sound. Now for some of you, completely worth it. If it’s a problem where
it’s in your living room and it’s ruining movie night and the wife hates you, 10DB is probably a difference for you. There are some people
that want the quietest air pump money can buy. That, from this test of these four pumps, is this Eheim pump and I would wager, and I don’t have these air pumps, but I would speculate that
probably the two smaller Eheim pumps would be quieter. I would speculate on the other
pumps that the smaller ones would be quieter as well. That being said, we haven’t
tested it here today. So I don’t know that to be a fact, but what we can conclude
is Eheim was the quietest. Also was the most expensive. I don’t think that shocks many people. Eheim make great products, they just cost a lot. The Finnex one, kind of
expensive at 40 bucks. Not any quieter than the
ones less than 20 bucks. So I feel like that’s
why that one is getting price cut on Amazon. People are trying to unload
inventory ’cause it’s not a better air pump, even
though it costs more money. The Whisper is probably the gold standard. It’s been around for a million years and that’s probably the bar. Now lots of people in the
comments are gonna go, “Well the Whispers get
sold out after awhile.” Yep, most diaphragm air pumps will, because of the way they wear. Eheim probably should do the same thing. To be fair, I haven’t opened
it up and taken a look at it to make sure that it is a diaphragm pump, but I really think it
is at that price point. Then you’ve got the Aquatop one. Which the Aquatop one is,
you know, the cheapey. The cheap one. We do sell it in the store. After this video, I’m gonna
bring in some Eheim air pumps ’cause there is a clientele
that wants the quietest. I carry the Aquatop because
I knew, you know without running the DB tests, just
audibly to my own ear, they we equivilant to all the other pumps and they were cheaper. And, you know, I can attest to this. The reliability on those
Aquatop pumps is amazing. I love them. I’ve used them a ton. We’ve sold a ton. Customers like them. Lots of good things about them. The Whisper ones, I’ve
never really sold them in a retail store so I can’t tell you, “Out of a thousand air pumps,
how many were defective.” or how long they last. That type of thing. I’ve only ever had one
other, I think, Whisper pump and it was when I was
brand new to the hobby. Like 15 years ago. So, when you’re brand new
you don’t know how good or bad a product really was. So, it just, it is. Then the Finnex one, you
know, don’t get me wrong I am a Finnex fan boy. I love Finnex lighting. I like their canister filter. I like their hang on back filter. I’m gonna go out there and say, I don’t like their air pump. It’s just too costly. You know, I can get two of an Aquatop or a Whisper pump and they’re just as loud. I mean, to be fair, we did not compare stength in the tanks. That being said, in my personal experience using all of these pumps, which some of these I used
in my fish room or on ponds. They all run very similar. So yeah, that’s all I’ve got on that. So that should tell you right there what air pump to buy and I’m gonna put links to
all of those down below. I’ll probably put a link or
two in this video to say, “Hey, here’s the Eheim one,
here’s the quietest one.” If you like seeing videos like this done, if you click on the link
down in the description or on the video here and you
buy one of these air pumps. It gets me a tiny little bit of money and what that does is
I put it back in to it. Like this. I can order this wholesale for my store, but I wanted to get this video shot today and so I went to Petco and I bought one. So I bought an air pump from my competitor to make you guys a video, ’cause I didn’t want
to leave this one out. I thought, “Hey, I got three
air pumps, I could do it.” but, everyone’s gonna go, ‘How quiet was the Whisper?
That’s the one I own. Dang it!” So, you know, when you
guys buy these air pumps and I get, you know, I
get like 1% or something. So it’s like, “Oh good!” You know, I get 50 cents. Well, if you know, if 50 people buy that all of a sudden I’ve got 25 bucks. That paid for the air pump. I don’t lose any money, you know. So that allows me to do the next project. So, hopefully you guys found this useful. Link it around. Pass it around. You know, if there’s a forum ask in your, if you find someone on
your Facebook groups going, “What’s the quiestest air pump?” You can at least link this. This is some decent data. It’s not scientific, but the hobby really isn’t. Make sure you check out
all our other videos. We do stuff like this all the time and I’m not afraid to tell a company that I don’t like their product. They are afraid of me, to send me stuff. (laughs) Because they know if it’s bad, I’ll tell you it’s bad and Eheim, you know, I felt confident it would
probably do pretty well, because there’s not
too many Eheim products that I’m not in love with. I can tell you one I hate right now. I don’t like the battery
powered gravel vac, ’cause I think it’s a scam, you know. So Eheim is going, “Oh how dare you. We’ll never send you a product again.” That being said, almost everything else from Eheim I do like. Their heater is also a little wonky. I don’t like the calibration system. Customers don’t like it. They still work well, but it’s finnicky. So anyway, we’ll see
you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Hopefully this helped you make a decision and you know, we’ll see you later.

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