Radar Demonstration Kit from Pasternack

Pasternack has just unveiled brand new radar
demonstration kits covering the popular 2.4 Gigahertz industrial, scientific, and medical
ISM frequency band with no special licensing required. These new kits are a convenient educational
resource to study and experiment with microwave radar fundamental theory and principles, making
it ideal for classroom instruction and research and development projects. This radar demonstration kit can also be used
to study and learn object detection, motion detection, and determine the range of objects. Pasternack’s kit contains all digital and
RF hardware which features a radar board that includes an integrated speaker and signal
indicator to support both audio and visual feedback of received signal strength. It also comes complete with antennas, cables,
and accessories that include a mounting plate, tripod, and USB battery pack. A detailed user guide and programming manual,
as well as a lesson guide is also included. The new radar demonstration kits from Pasternack
are in-stock and available to ship today! For additional product details, please visit

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