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What’s up guys – Hunter here, back with
another episode of Raid 101. Today we’re gonna take a deep dive into
one of the most important mechanics in the whole game – the Turn Meter. Ok, now you might be thinking,“The turn
meter? That tiny little yellow bar? Why does that get a whole video?” Because that little yellow bar is the key
to figuring out the turn system behind every single battle in Raid. Learning how the Turn Meter works, how it
interacts with Speed, and understanding how to manipulate it with Speed Buffs, Slow Debuffs, and the Turn Meter manipulation skills of your Champions is your key to winning this game. From deciding who goes first to get an immediate starting advantage in the Arena, to determining your team’s turn order to
maximize their synergy – it controls everything. So, before you skip ahead to check out advanced strategies, make sure you’ve mastered this section. Now, before we get started, be aware that
this is gonna be one of the more complicated (read: math-heavy) videos in the series. So brace yourself… and feel free to throw
any questions at us on the forums if something’s unclear. With that said – grab a spreadsheet, and let’s dive in. First things first. What is the Turn Meter? We covered it in one of the previous videos,
but we’ll show you again. It’s this thing here. Aside from HP, the only other meter shown in every single battle is a Champion’s Turn Meter. Once a Champion or Boss’ Turn Meter is full, they’re ready to take a turn. You can see that in-game. It fills up, and that Champion takes a turn. See? It’s that simple. Well – wait. It’s almost that simple. They’re ready to take a Turn, but they’ll
only take one if their Turn Meter is actually the highest or most full – at that specific
time. So what if 2 Champions are full at the same time? You’ve probably seen that happen a few times in-game already and you don’t know who’s gonna go next. How can one Champion’s Turn Meter be more full than another’s? 100% is 100%, right? Kind of… but not really. This is where you need to think “behind the curtain”. What you see isn’t always exactly what’s happening. What you see in-game is the Turn Meter filling up to 100% – to the end of the meter. But what’s happening behind-the-scenes is
a little different. There’s actually a meter Overflow that keeps count of any Turn Meter gained past 100 – but it isn’t displayed visually. This is because the Turn Meter works in something called Ticks – and the way they work makes it unlikely for any Turn Meter to fill to exactly 100%. This is where it gets a bit complicated – Ticks and Speed. Think of Ticks like the ticks of a second
hand on a clock – tick, something happens, tick, something happens, and so on. In battle, on every Tick, each Champion’s
Turn Meter fills a little… but at slightly different rates. A Champion’s Speed isn’t deciding how
fast their Turn Meter is filling up on each of those Ticks – it’s really deciding how much of their Turn Meter is filled on
each Tick. The higher a Champion’s Speed, the higher
the percentage of their Turn Meter that’s filled up every Tick. Now that might sound confusing, but let’s
break it down with an example. Let’s say you have two Champions – Champion A and Champion B. Champion A has 200 Speed, Champion B has 100. At the start of the battle, it’s tick 0. Both their Turn Meters are at zero. Then: Tick 1 – their Turn Meters fill. Now, check it out – notice that Champion A’s turn Meter filled roughly twice as much as Champion B’s? This is because it scales linearly with the
Champion’s speed stat. A Champion with 200 Speed will move twice as often as one with 100 speed. We don’t wanna gave away our exact algorithm (where’s the fun in that?) – so we’ll just work with approximate numbers. Let’s eyeball their Turn Meters and say
that after Tick 1, Champion A’s Meter increased by around 15%. That puts Champion B at around 7 or 8 percent. This isn’t the real number, but let’s call it 7.5% for the purposes of this example. The same principle applies. This means that with every Tick, their Turn
Meters will increase by that amount. Got it? Great. Let’s keep going. So, Tick 1 has already happened. Here’s tick 2. They both fill a bit more – Champion A is at around 30%, while B is around 15%. Tick 3, the same happens again – and so on
and so forth until one of their Turn Meters either meet or exceed 100. In this case, it took 7 Ticks for Champion
A to reach 100. Here we actually skipped straight over 100
and landed ourselves in the meter Overflow, and now sit at around 105%. At the same time, in those 7 Ticks, Champion B is just past half-way at – if we’re saying 7.5% per tick – around 52.5%. So here’s the situation. Once any Champion’s Turn Meter is at 100
or more, they’re ready to take a turn. In this example, it’s pretty simple. There’s only 2 Champions – Champion A’s
turn meter is full, while the other guy’s isn’t — so he takes a turn on this Tick. Now, these Champions had two vastly different Speeds and it was a pretty obvious outcome. But what if we add more Champions – and what if there are multiple Champions with their Turn Meters at 100 or more? Let’s play through an example. To make this as clear as possible, we’ll work with larger, whole numbers. These aren’t necessarily going to be realistic speeds, but they’ll get the point across. On one team, we have Champions A and B. Champion A is the fastest, and gets around
30% Turn Meter per Tick. Champion B is slightly slower and gets around 24% per Tick. Now, that’s a huge amount, and in reality
would put them both somewhere around 400 Speed or more – but for this explanation, just stick with
me. Ok, so now, on the enemy side, let’s add this dude here – Champion C. He falls somewhere in the middle, at around 26% per Tick. Slower than Champion A, but faster than B.
Let’s play this out. Same story as before – a tick happens, their
Turn Meters fill up. We’ll freeze on tick 1 because this is gonna
be a good example of the differences. Champions A and C are pretty close at the
moment – with Champion B lagging behind a little. Based on the Speed stats alone, we know Champion A should move first, then Champion C on the enemy team, then Champion B. But let’s continue and see why this happens – and also what can happen once Champion A takes a turn. So, tick, tick, tick, yadda yadda yadda – boom! They all have full turn meters. After 4 Ticks, both Champion A and C have
more than 100% Turn Meter, and are in their overflow – while Champion B isn’t ready to move yet. This part is pretty simple. Champion A will move, and Champion C will follow next. BUT! What if Champion A uses a skill that instantly boosts his team’s Turn Meters? Or what if he places a Decrease Speed debuff and slows the enemy? Then what happens? Let’s take a look. First, let’s remember the approximate numbers we assigned to each Turn Meter. After those 4 Ticks, Champion A is at 120%
– so he’s going first regardless. Champion C is at 104%, so he’s ready to
move next, while Champion B is lagging behind at around 96. At the moment he’s around 8% behind Champion C. Unless something changes, Champion C will go before him. On the next Tick – after Champion A moves
– Champion C will gain another 26%, taking the total difference between them to 34%. To overtake Champion C and move before him, Champion B needs to gain over 34% Turn Meter in a single tick. He’s going to gain 24% from his Speed alone, so where could the other 10% come from? This is where your Champion’s Skills and
your team’s turn order come in. Follow this one carefully. Just like last time, Champion A moves first. However, this time he uses a Skill that Boosts the Turn Meters of every allied Champion by 30%. Now, look what happens. First, notice how Champion A’s Turn Meter
is reset back to zero as soon as he takes his turn. But then he boosts his own Turn Meter as well – so he jumps up to 30%. At the same time, Champion B – who had around 96% Turn Meter – had his boosted by 30%, and now sits at around 126%. Champion C’s Turn Meter is unaffected, and is still at 104%. This is because – and this is incredibly important – this all happens on the same Tick Champion A takes his turn. No more ticks have occurred yet. Once that Champion finishes their Turn, another tick happens. And like always, all Champions have their
Turn Meters filled based on their Speed stat – and the Champion with the highest Turn Meter over 100 takes a turn. You can see where they stand now. This time, because Champion B had their Turn Meter boosted by their teammate, they Champion C on the enemy team overtook and will take the next turn. They’ve successfully interrupted the turn
order. This happened even though Champion C is faster, and already had over 100% Turn Meter and was “ready to take a turn” on the
previous tick. This is one of the simplest examples of Turn Meter manipulation, but the same principles apply to Buffs and
debuffs that change a Champion’s speed. If you apply a Decrease Speed debuff, that
Champion’s Turn Meter will fill 30% less on each Tick than it would without a debuff. At the same time, giving your own team a Speed Buff means they’ll fill their Turn Meters 30% faster – or 30% more on each Tick. In the examples shown, there was a huge gap between the Speeds of the Champions for demonstration purposes. Having a large speed delta between your Champions makes it a lot easier for the enemy team to interrupt the turn order or gain a turn advantage. Against higher level teams in the Arena, getting your team’s speed tuned as efficiently as possibly is key to success. Still tracking so far? That’s the basic mechanics covered, but there’s also a few special cases that you need to be aware of.. Case one. In the unlikely situation that 2 Champions have exactly equal levels of Turn Meter, the Champion on the team initiating the battle will move first. In the Arena, this means the team on Arena
Offense. In PvE locations, this is always your own team. Case two: Champions can’t have their Turn
Meters instantly filled or boosted when their Turn Meters are already over 100%. This is to stop people abusing the mechanics and lapping slow enemies, such as Dungeon Bosses. However, you can always decrease an enemy’s Turn Meter even if they’re already past full. And then finally: While you can’t always
instantly increase a Champion’s Turn Meter, you can always give them Speed Buffs, even if their meter is past 100%. And that’s everything! There are a few more advanced concepts, like speed tuning, but that’s a whole different thing. We’ll cover those in another video sometime in the future. Understanding these mechanics is key to everything you do in Raid. From PvE Dungeons to the Arena, it’s important for every team you build to have the most optimal turn order for their Skills. Once you get to grips with Speed and the Turn Meter, you can start figuring out the best teams, strategies, and synergies to take on Raid’s
hardest challenges. If you found this guide helpful, go ahead
and share it with your friends or other players that might be struggling – and as always,
don’t forget to hit like and subscribe!

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