Rain in store for most parts of S. Korea_082919

good morning another wet day is in store
chiju and southern coastal regions are being affected by a monsoonal front and
a heavy rain advisory is still in place on Jeju Island and those of you on Jeju
will need to take extra care as the island has already received nearly 400
millimeters of torrential showers for last four days in Jeju could see more
than hundred more today Seoul and most of the rest of the country will see five
to 40 millimeters depending where you are southern coastal regions will see
the rain letting up by the afternoon though while capital area will receive
somewhat heavy showers through late afternoon today’s readings will be
similar to a couple notches lower than yesterday in daily highs will be ranging
from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius Seoul Daejeon getting up to 28 degrees this
afternoon after today’s rain readings will drop a touch but we will see a good
amount of sunshine as for here in Seoul but southern regions in Jeju will see
freakin showers into September that’s Korea for you and here’s the
International weather for viewers around the world

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