Rajaji National Park between Haridwar & Dehradun: Uttarakhand| Jungle Safari 36 kms

Hello friends! This is Harish Bali from Visa2Explore. I’m at Rajaji National Park now. This is around half an hour away from Haridwar. I’m hoping I’ll be able to see some wildlife around here. This is my first time to this park. Let’s go and explore some real good wildlife. Look at those pugmarks in the middle of the tracks! Those are the footprints of a tiger. It’s been 2 years that Rajaji National Park has been converted to a tiger reserve. Brother, around how many tigers are here? There are 16 tigers here now. Last year there were only 5! The guide told us how last year a leopard hunted a deer and carried up this tree. The antlers are still stuck here. How do you save yourself if chased by an elephant? Sir…we have this safety gun with us. We put Gandhak potas in it If ever being chased by an elephant… We bang this on a stone which creates a loud sound. I’m on a machan (raised platform for hunting/watchtower). The view is beautiful from here. We have to cover another 28kms. So… The forest guard just told me that if we move forward.. there’s a chance we might spot wild animals! There was a herd of elephants here yesterday! Chances are we might spot that herd today as well. It’s been almost an hour. The jungle is beautiful. But, we are yet to spot animals. In all this while, we’ve only seen a peacock. These deer antlers have been lying here for how long? Sir, it’s been around 2 months. It’s quite a display! Finally, we have spotted an elephant! A baby elephant actually. But, at least towards the last 1km, I’ve finally found an elephant! Huge disappointment on animal visibility at Rajaji. But, don’t be disappointed. Because, you can now see Adventure Sports at Rishikesh! If you haven’t yet subscribed Visa2Explore, Then click the red button below and subscribe now! We’ll be eagerly waiting for your subscriptions… And your comments! If you want to visit Rajaji, remember it’s closed for 5 months every year! 15th of June to 15th of November! I’ll suggest… instead of a morning visit, come in the evening. At least then you might spot a few elephants! Thanks for your time.

39 thoughts on “Rajaji National Park between Haridwar & Dehradun: Uttarakhand| Jungle Safari 36 kms

  1. We r plan to go with family at rajaji national park . Is 4 members r allowed in 1 gypsie car. How can I book a gypsie car ?Is outside car r allowed in between park if I book one from haridwar ?

  2. Bhai kismat sahi nahi thi apki, nahi to jha se apka video start hua tha wha elephants milte h, today I saw tusker on chilla road

  3. You didn't see any wild animal but still the forest was enjoyable. And the jeep driver looked well behaved.

    Around March-2018, We visited Satmaliya Deer park near Khanvel, Silvassa.
    The Jeep driver was arrogant. And he didn't even bother to answer any questions we asked him.
    It looked like he was tired and bored of doing his govt job repetitively.
    At the entry fees payment counter, they didn't issue any ticket or receipt of the money taken.

  4. Mai Kal he raja ji national park Mai safari KR k Aya hu . Or mjhe
    3 times leopard
    2 times elephant
    3 times peecock
    4 times sambha
    1 time tiger and
    Many of the times heeran
    Date – 20/01/2019

  5. Waste of money my experience 26/3/19. Only business .hum Gaye the Bache let Kar. Only jangle.. just peacock and deer

  6. पता नहीं।
    मैं तो आज गया।
    मुझे हाथियों का झुंड, जंगली सूअर, मोर,हिरन,सांभर आदि जानवर दिखे।

  7. मैं पहली बार किस राष्ट्रीय उद्यान में गया और बहुत रोमांचित था कि मुझे सामने से शेर हाथी जंगली जानवर देखने को मिलेंगे लेकिन थोड़ा अंदर जाते ही मेरा सारा उत्साह खत्म हो गया क्योंकि वहां हिरण लंगूर और मोर के सिवा कुछ ना मिला यह सब तो मेरे सारनाथ के चिड़ियाघर में भी है ! मेरा समय और 3500 रुपए बर्बाद हो गए ! साथियों आप लोग इस पार्क में जाने की गलती ना करें यहां कुछ भी नहीं है

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