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I everyone and welcome to our YouTube
channel today we’re going to be reviewing a pop culture icon the RB 2 1
4 0 original Wayfarer these sunglasses are the coolest
sunglasses of all type and they have a square shaped design that was initially
introduced in 1952 now I’ve got three pairs here today because they come in
three different sizes we’ve got 47 millimeters 50 millimeters and 54
millimeters so I’m just going to pop on the 47 millimeters then just to show you
what they look like and as you can see they’ve got a much more understated look
so if you have a small face and you prefer an understated look the forty
seven millimeter lenses would be perfect for you now I’ll just pop on the 50
millimeter one so this is the size in between so the 50 millimeter lenses
would be great if you have a small face but would like an oversized look so the
lenses that I’ve on our army green and all the sunglasses that I have here
today come in the classic black so 901 and now I’ll just show you the largest
size for the 54 millimeter lenses which are perfect if you’d like a really kind
of oversized look Ray Bans original Wayfarer are the most recognizable
sunglasses in the world and first worn by movie stars like James Dean and
Marilyn Monroe these sunglasses always come back into fashion they’re classic
and simple design makes them V go-to sunglasses of celebrities musicians
hipsters and pretty much everyone else so to up your cool factor and if you’d
like to shop these glasses or you’d like to subscribe to our youtube channel
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21 thoughts on “Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Size Comparison 47 50 54 mm | SmartBuyGlasses

  1. Im 14 years old and I was wondering what size should I get for my glasses since im getting a pair tomorrow. Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Even i have a medium large face (am a man) i dont like wide round sunglasses like those 54, they are too round for me
    May i go for 50 ?

    Thank you very much for helping

  3. Hello. Are the ones shown in this video the ones with the green tint? I want to get a pair for my be but he likes regular black lenses and wants them to be very dark. I'm afraid to order since most places says the lense is green..

  4. Where can I find the 47 mm. I couldn't find them ob the website, ended up ordering the 50 mm and they are still too wide 🙁

  5. Nice and informative modeling. I had purchased a pair of black/green folding 54mm around 4 yrs ago, and loved them, the best shades I ever wore. Untill I left them atop an auto hand-dryer in the bathroom of a coffe shop here in Greece and someone pinched them (they had the money for coffe and croissant, but not the conviction to help their fellow anthropos, as if they were starving we wouldn't help them). The economic state here has pushed people to the edge so far, so you may relate to my fury over losing them and especially in this manner.

    From what I gathered, along with the extra width comes addittional height, which appears to be the case judging from the incremental increase up toward your eyebrows as you proceed in size. Is this true? I believe so, which is one reason I went with the 54's. For the added protection is quite important to me, being active earlier in the day and when the sun is highest.

    I have also heard and read that the folding version gives the tightest fit, which felt to be true in my case, although I have not worn the regular rigid style. I am looking to buy another pair but am not sure of Luxotica's complete offering. I've read that there is a 55mm made. Would this or an even larger size be available also in the folding form? I have a somewhat larger than average upper face. Does Luxotica facilitate made to order? I do not think it appropriate that they deviated from the original configuration to such a degree and in fact should have worked the trapezoidial theme, which set's them apart so, even further.. does this exist?

    I do not mean to sound overly picky.. it is just that I agree with you that these are if not the best then among the top 3-4 sun glasses ever concieved.. so I would like to own a pair or three in my own particular taste, and what a bonus if personalization were offered. I should think that Luxotica would have thought to offer such customization and even more, say, in the form of a carbon-fiber option, for these babies qualify as top rate heirlooms .

    Do you perhaps know if the tortoise shell is available in rather than black over brown, a discreet black over green (as are most real turtles) or even better a mixtured green with brown and even olive? This last question is not so relative for I would most probably stick with the classic black, although in the future it I would consider at least a second pair.

    thank you for your informative review and likewise in advance for any further information you may be able to provide in regards to my inquiries. Be well.

  6. @SmartBuyGlasses where can I buy 47mm wayfarer color black? can’t find anywhere, even rayban store here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 can you help me tnx! 🙂

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