Reading your meter

Hi I’m Beth and I work for the Region
of Peel. I’m here today to show you how easy it
is to find if you have a water leak You need to understand that even small leaks cost you money A toilet left running for a single billing
period can cost you upwards of five hundred dollars the water being wasted is equal to a hundred and twenty five thousand to litre pop bottles finding fixing leaks not only saves you
money but it also helps protect our environment so to find your leak we need to start with
finding your water meter Your water meter is inside your home
usually in the lowest level in your basement or crawl space it’s fairly low to the ground, about knee height. It might not look exactly like this, but it
will be fairly similar the main parts of the meter are the
water odometer, that has six numbers the sweep hand and the low flow indicator you’ll also see a wire which attaches your
meter to the outside reading device this is how our service reps read your meter the Region of Peel owns the water meter
but you, the homeowner, are responsible for the plumbing on either side of the meter this includes the main water shut off
valve you see here this valve turns off the water supply to
your home when you’re doing plumbing work our going on vacation now that you know where to find you
meter and how to read it you can use it to check if you have a
leak somewhere in your home first you need to make sure that
everything that uses water in your home is shut off don’t forget to check all your appliances
is including water softeners and filtration devices then go back and check the face of
the water meter if the flow indicator is moving, even
intermittently, than water is being used somewhere in your home. This means you have a leak and you need to
fix it. To help you find the leak in your home
watch our video on how to find a leak it can be found on our website. So checking if you have leaks is easy
to do. Now that you know how to find and read your
water meter please take the time to check yours. You can print step-by-step instructions
from our website, just to help you walk through the
process. Remember, leaks cost money. I’d rather have the money in my hand ,
wouldn’t you?

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