On this video, I’m gonna be going over what
luxury watches are safe buys in today’s market. Our sponsor for this video is Temple of Dream. For a chance to win a Rolex with as little
as $40, click on the link below and enter one of their prize competitions. Limited tickets are available. [opening music] So it’s not secret or surprise that in 2019
the watch market has taken a heavy, heavy lift and prices have gone a little bit out
of control. I did an earlier video, maybe about a month
ago on how the prices have declined, so some people have been asking me and emailing, which
watches are safe to buy. So I wanna go over a couple of genres or models,
will say, that relatively have been unaffected in this whole craze and are overall safe buys. So the first one is Rolex in two-tone has
pretty much stayed stable throughout this whole bubble in the market. The Datejust in 41 millimeter has been pretty
much unaffected. Prices rose very little earlier in the year,
but overall has stayed stable. The Yacht-Master two-tone, Yacht-Master II,
same thing, been unaffected, the price has nearly has not changed in the last three years. So both of these, for example, are safe buys
in today’s market. You could buy it and not worry about it. If you’re looking to buy a watch right now
that’s gonna rise and increase in price, highly doubt it. Buy it because you like it. Buy it because is a safe buy. Another safe buy in today’s market market
is the AP 42mm Offshore. It’s been virtually untouched as well. These watches have been selling anywhere from
$15,000 to $16,000 for the last four years. Prices have not even been affected with the
whole change in this last twelve months in the watch market. So if you’re looking again to buy something
that holds value that you’re getting a great price and a discount from retail, the 42 millimeter
Offshore, whether it’s a Navy, a Safari, a Volcano, a Black Theme, so on and so forth,
are also great buys. So last but not least for me would be the
Rolex Presidential. I mean, I just can’t think of any other watch
that’s more stable, period, overall than the Presidential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a
40 mm or a discontinued Day-Date II 41 also, or even the 36 millimeter, they are stable. They don’t really move and they are not affected. You see, the Day-Date II has been rising the
last four years, but it has not had a kick and it won’t have a kick in the market. These are all safe buys in today’s market. The only time when I would say it, any of
these watches that I mentioned, are not safe buys is if you’re paying full retail. I mean, if you wanna go ahead and pay full
retail, technically you are OK, but if you wanna have minimal loss in your purchase,
you’re gonna go pre-owned and you’re gonna have a stable purchase throughout the life
of owning these watches. So keep this in mind, the watch market in
general is pretty stable when you compare it to other hobbies or other assets, which
are just as expensive and devalue just as much or even way more. But if you’re looking to buy some watches
right now that you’re gonna have for a little while and you know…people are calling me
all the time and saying, “Hey Eric, should I buy one of these Hulks right now at $15,000?” I mean, honestly I don’t know what to tell
them, you know? The market price right now for a Hulk is $15,000. Will it stay there? I don’t know. I mean, I wish I had a crystal ball. I would have bought all of them five years
ago when they were going for six to seven thousand dollars. But overall just safe buys, as I mentioned
before, Rolex two-tones and the Yacht-Master II for example and the Datejust, pretty strong,
no affect in the market. AP 42mm, historically those watches haven’t
even changed as opposed to their little brother, the Royal Oaks, where those took a skyrocket. They went from $12,000 all the way from $22,000. You see, I don’t know if I feel comfortable
paying $22,000 for a Royal Oak 41 self-winding, but the Presidential overall is that one watch
that for me, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a 1992 or a 2020, stable in the market, if
you buy it at a discount, pre-owned, so on and so forth, So keep in mind that this video could be an
hour and a half long and we could go over hundreds of watches that can technically be
safe buys. I’m really just trying to point out which
are the most popular watches that sell the most often. I do sell watches for a living, so I do know
what people ask for, that are the safe buys. Yes, there are some pre-owned Panerais and
some preowned watches out there that you could buy, some pre-owned Tag Heuers, stuff like
that when you can get good deals and they’re relatively safe, but I’m talking more about
the higher end, more popular demand watches are safe. So feel free to comment below if there’s any
watches that you feel might be safe in today’s market. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
bell until it looks like this or otherwise, you’re not gonna be seeing the latest videos. And if you liked this video, please like and
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