Record Breaking! 9 PLATE (8 lb) WHITE RICE & FISH GRAVY & CURD EATING CHALLENGE | Destroyed |

Hi foodies! welcome to Saapattu Raman already i ate 4 plate white rice, today i’m going to try 9 plate white rice. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 total 9 plates. fish gravy curd rasam ( south indian dish, specially for digestion) today i’m gonna try 9 plates white rice, lets see it is possible or not. [ Music ] ready.. 5…4…3…2…1… Start [ Music ] fish gravy is more spicy and smells good. I’m going to mix rice with curd. salt [ Laughing ] [ Laughing ] Do you want your child’s video in our channel. Please take a video by saying (like, comment, share and subscribe to Saapattu Raman) & send it to this whatsapp no : 9944429953 For me it took 18 minutes and 9 seconds to complete 9 plate white rice and fish gravy. it’s not a easy job, it’s really very hard for me. whatever it is, i want to complete the challenge, so i did it.. Don’t try this challenge at home and anywhere. this white rice is cultivated in my own land & without using of any pesticides and fertilizer. it’s really very tough to eat 9 plate white rice. Please like, comment, share the video. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel “Saapattu Raman” until then bye from Porcheliyan, byeeeee..!!! [ Music ]

100 thoughts on “Record Breaking! 9 PLATE (8 lb) WHITE RICE & FISH GRAVY & CURD EATING CHALLENGE | Destroyed |

  1. ????I'm thinking . you are eating this much . What is the secret in this please tell us. But you are very great person.i like you

  2. யோவ் யோவ் யோவ் என்னய்யா இந்த தினி தீன்ற,,,,யம்மாமாமா,,,,நிங்க,சாப்பிடுற அழக,பாத்துக்கிட்டேய்யிருக்கலாம்,,,,,இந்த"வீடியோ பாத்த ஊடனே"எனக்கு"பசீ எடுத்தீறிச்சி

  3. Vaise ye galat hai jab koi chiz pet mai nhi mati to use jabar dasti khana food ka westeg he hai gays jin like pana hai to garibo ko khilao
    Tun khaoge to bas 2 number jaoge
    Vo garib log khayge unka pehle pet bharega

  4. Andha oru plate saptalae enaku vayiru full aaidum plus suthama stomach la edam irukavae irukadhu aana ivanga timing vechu sapudranga unmayavae idhu evlo periya vishayam adhum waste pannama rmba clean ah sapudraru rmba confident person neenga hatsoff to that ?

  5. Im a Mizo guy we Mizo put on high regard to a man that can eat lots of rice, we measure uncook rice using old fish canned cup i myself can eat 2 cup of rice which is a lot when cooked .

  6. i love to watch all your videos. but, i hope you do have medical checkups because of your diets. yeahh, you're a great foodie.

  7. আল্লাহ পেটটা মনে হচ্ছে গলা পর্যন্ত … এতো খাওয়া খেলে তো দেশে আকাল পর্বে….??????

  8. सर आप किसी शैतान से कम नहीं है , आपको तहे दिल से धन्यवाद्

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