Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 – A beast of a system

Here is the new REEFER triple-XL 900. This impressive system provides: Unsurpassed depth & dimension to reefscaping. Enlarged overflow & dual return system. for optimal water circulation & surface skimming. And, a split sump system for enhanced flexibility. Hi, I’m Neil, and I am here to introduce you to
Red Sea’s newest and biggest REEFER, the 3XL 900. This impressive 900-liter or 240-gallon, off-the-shelf, reef-ready system continues the familiar rimless design and clean lines of the REEFER series while its format of 200 cm or 79” long, and 65 cm or approximately 25.5″ high and wide provides hobbyists the freedom
to create a truly spectacular reef. The tank is constructed entirely from 19mm or ¾” glass with super-clear on front and side panels. It features an enlarged overflow box with dual side-facing return pump outlets and increased surface skimming. This new design of overflow, which we also implemented
on the new V3 version of the REEFER XXL 750, provides ideal water circulation for these large tanks with actual flows of up to 10,000 liters or 2,600 gallons per hour. The dual return system comes with a “Y-split” fitting to attach a single main pump to both returns as well as hose barbs for connecting two individual pumps, one for each return, which will maintain water circulation
even if one of the pumps fails. The 3XL 900 sits on a fortified,
marine-spec, plywood laminate cabinet with double thickness walls and aluminum supports in the front to guarantee its durability. Now let’s take a look at the sump. A unique feature of the 3XL
900 is a split sump system that provides unsurpassed flexibility. The main sump on the left is set for the usual filtration functions starting with a bank of 4 filter socks or media cups, an optional refugium chamber at the front, and a dedicated adjustable
skimmer chamber in the rear. There is also a large return pump chamber to accommodate 2 return pumps. The 60-liter or 16-gal sump extension on the right can be connected to the main sump and be used for additional filtration, or a larger refugium,
or even as a dedicated frag tank, as we have done here with the simple addition of our ReefLED 50. The system is also supplied with plugs for the bulkheads so that the sump extension
can be disconnected from the main sump and used at its full capacity of 83-liters or 22-gal as an independent unit – for an RO reservoir or for
automated saltwater changes. It goes without saying that the 3XL 900 comes with a REEFER silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow and assembly-ready piping. The 3XL 900 is also featured on our online
“MyREEFER” wizard that allows you to customize your REEFER by adding our smart devices
at a significant discount at the time of purchase. Here you can see we have installed the recommended
4 units of the ReefLED 90. We are using 2 units
of the new ReefWave 45 crossflow wave pumps, and, in the sump, we are running the RSK900 Skimmer, which, as the name suggests, was specifically designed for this tank. Lastly, the 3XL 900 system comes with a 2-year warranty plus an additional 1-year aquarium glass warranty for original registered purchasers, this is now standard on all of Red Sea systems. So, let’s summarize the main features of the 3XL 900: A rimless, 19mm or ¾” super-clear,
beveled edge glass aquarium An elegant, fortified Marine-Spec laminate plywood cabinet with aluminum support. Dual side-facing return pump outlets with fittings for single or dual return pumps. A unique split sump system for unsurpassed flexibility. For more information on the new REEFER
3XL 900 reef-ready system or all of Red Sea’s products, please visit our website at And if you’re an avid reefkeeper, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join the Red Sea Owners Group on Facebook- the largest and fastest growing online community
of reef aquarium owners! Thanks for watching.

32 thoughts on “Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 – A beast of a system

  1. What a BEAST!!!!! Makes my P650 look like a nano tank. Love the separate sump area for potential frag tank. Great work, Red Sea. Holla!!!!!

  2. Tank looks awsome. What sort of adjustment valve does it come with (the valve that controlls how much water comes from the overflow into the sump.. Hopefully you put something robust and maybe even two valves for precision adjustments. On m reefer 170 I always find this to be the biggest hassle.

  3. Have no idea why Red Sea making bigger tanks????

    Please improve your QC on the other models. Way too many tank leakage problems.

    I’m very nervous owning 750XXL.

  4. Have an older Red Sea Max 250. Loved the hood but failed over time. No replacements. Had some custom glass made. What is Red Sea offering as a cover / screen for this system? This is really nice and all well outfitted. I’m running 6 tanks now. But might consider this. Would like to set this one up and show people what can be done.
    From delivery, to set up, to full thriving reef.

  5. Happy to see companies making larger tanks for the hobby, without requiring someone needing to go the route of a custom build, especially for glass tanks. While I'm sure the cost of this will push into custom tank build cost, I can imagine for some they just want a big tank without thinking of everything.

  6. For those that can buy these things, congratulations because it's an amazing setup!
    So happy with my 525, but I would need to hit the lotto to upgrade to this thing though by time all the required upgrades are factored in!

  7. That sump extension is fantastic, if doing Triton or anything requiring a large fuge you'd need it. I hope the skimmer chamber isn't too cramped? Geez, this might have knocked the 750XXL off my wish list.

  8. Join the group, where you'll be muted/banned for criticism…Even if its advice of how to help another reefer when their tank is leaking…

  9. I have been saving like crazy for your previously largest tank, and now I think I am going to wait a little bit longer to get this one. I will just be patient and work on my fish and coral list.

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