Red Sea’s New products at CIPS 2019

Hi, I’m Paul, and we are here at the 2019 China International Pet Show where we are showing some of our new products that will be in the stores in the next few months. Firstly, we have the 3XL REEFER 900. As you can see this is an impressive 2 meter long 900 liter or 240 gallon off-the-shelf, reef-ready system. It continues the familiar rimless design and clean lines of the REEFER series providing hobbyists with the freedom to create a truly spectacular reef. Full details of this beast of an aquarium can be found on our website and in a dedicated product video. On the back wall of the the 3XL 900 we have installed two of our new ReefWave 45, 15,000 liters crossflow wave pumps. They are silent they create great circulation they’re easy to maintain they have built-in Wi-Fi and they can be controlled either directly or from your smartphone using Red Sea’s ReefBeat App. They also have a unique mounting system that dampens and isolates pump vibration from the glass and makes them really easy to disassemble for maintenance. You will also see the smaller ReefWave 25 7,500 litre pumps on some of the other brand new REEFER tanks I’m about to show you. Full details of the ReefWave pumps can be found on our website and in a dedicated product video. Here are the newest additions to the REEFER line up the REEFER XL 200 and the XL 300. These systems have all the familiar features of the REEFERs but provide enhanced aquascaping in these popular size aquariums. The XL 200 & XL 300 are not just higher and wider than the current REEFER 170 & 250 models but they also feature a laminated, plywood cabinet with adjustable feet. This is also a perfect opportunity to point out the new “Y” shaped outlet nozzle that splits the water return from the main pump into two streams enabling a more powerful pump to be used or to improve the water distribution throughout the aquarium. In addition to becoming a standard part of most REEFERs that are now shipping from our factory the Y-Split will also be available for purchase to allow REEFER owners to upgrade their existing systems. For more information on the new products I’ve shown you today or any of Red Sea’s products visit our website at Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Red Sea’s New products at CIPS 2019

  1. I hope that you make a reef cabin where the doors can be romved like magnet some times the door is in the way. But that form me i have the reefer 170. So maybe if i buy a reefer 350 once hahaha that maybe be different by the size.

  2. I see in the video you have screened lids on your aquariums why don`t you offer them ? I have found this site to have the best lids for redsea tanks

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