Removing Bees from a water meter ๐Ÿ

G’day, Nick from Australian Native Bee here now today i went out to move some bees from the water meter to a box There was a lady, there felicity, who helped, me film, this video thank you very much felicity But it’s a question i get asked a lot, how, do i move my bees from an old box to a new box how do I move bees from a wall or in some bricks or wherever they may be Into a new, box so i decided to Film this video today for people, who have that very question the resin that’s around this hole here The, bees recognize that and the smell of that as being the entrance I’ve already, had a lot Under here , is the brood I am just gently teasing the wax away here This has got a bit of honey on it but not heaps so we’re gonna keep that We want to minimize what honey and pollen we add to a hive because That is the thing that kills hives because it attracts pests trying to avoid killing as many bees as possible and avoid breaking honey pots if i can, do What is all of those beads down there? Those little beady things? These? This this is the brood or eggs of the stingless bee And that’s what we are going to be transferring into the box now the pollen in honey stingless bees contains an enzyme That the bees build in their gut it’s pretty important to transfer at least a little bit of for the bees so, they can remake them rather than having to do that, pffffwah ! Yeah, i think i ate a few too! So this one here has, probably only got enough brood for one box i will just do this big box because This house already had this box in place So i’m just gonna try and stay away, from the end of the brood As much as possible just gently cut round Killing at least a few bees is sadly unavoidable So this is where the queen, is she’ll be in here somewhere and the bees are really drawn to this This, is wax material that’s been wet and it’s unhealthy for the bees so you get rid of that if you see that If the whole nest is like that don’t don’t bother Now this all the structure here can, we add it because it’s got next to no honey on it If you, add big honey pots like, this bit here you’ll very quickly kill your nest So these are the honey pots here And see the honey just oozing out of there If you can, here’s pollen If you can, add just a few of those pollen pots preferably intact. There you have it I’m going to get the rest of this material out. Close the box up, cover that box with a Blanket, and put this entrance as close as i can to where they were entering I’m just using some of their nests material i’ve got honey and my fingers so it probably would Be best to wipe that off afterwards but Reduce that hole right down And that just, means the guard bees basically protect it better that’s how, you do it thanks for that so here’s what, we have we’ve hidden the meter box under here with a, light-colored towel and You can, see the bees are able change this is where they were flying roughly here And now they’re Finding, their, way, back into the home, and by nightfall that should be all in there you will get bees coming back Going into the meter if they can, but i’ve taped up the Once they’re really established and going in and out. They know. That’s their home and they should be right.

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  1. Hi Nick, I had a quick question… You know how you closed up/made the hole smaller at the front. When would you reopen the hole to its full capacity? Would the bees do that automatically or would you need to do it manually with a tool?

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