Renault Zoe ZE50 UK Specs GT Line / Iconic / Play

welcome to this week’s video this week’s
video we’re going to be doing a deep dive into the Renault Zoe ZE50
specs that have been released yes there is official figures that have been
released on what the new ZE50 trim levels gonna have here in the UK and
we’re gonna be going into those trim levels which should each of them have which
one I think you should go for on what spec I think you should 100% put on that
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should see it let’s dive right into how many there is there’s 3 there’s an
entry play model there’s is it iconic yeah iconic model and the GT line which
we already knew there’s going to be a GT line which is the top spec lets
start off with the first one the play model
what on earth renault were playing at selling this in the UK I can’t fully
understand it I can understand their reasoning and rationale behind it
which is they want to show that you can make an affordable budget EV without
sat-nav alloy wheels yes it’s got steel wheels on a brand new car being sold in
today’s market a manufacturer is making a car without alloy wheels the play
model which is the base no spec model comes with four airbags cruise control
speed limiter front fog lights one rear bench seat manual air-conditioning so
I’m going to presume it does not have preheat hands free key card which the
current models do it has E shifter with the B mode so it’s think of it as a more
regenitive harding braking on the on the gearstick selection it’s gonna have
automatic parking brake so like a radar to stop someone stops in front of you
that’s a safety feature all new cars are going to have that now it’s to meet the
NCAP safety rating customised 10 inch drivers display which is the drivers display in front of you which is it seems a bit pointless seeing it’s not got some of
the other extras on it’s got easy link DAB radio d a.b radio and it’s got no
satellite navigation which is why the customized dash in front of you seems a
bit silly smartphone replication so I believe that
is well suppose sat not having no satnav not that bad if you’re
gonna have apple carplay and android because you can just project it onto
your screen so suppose play model doesn’t seem as stupid now I’ve read it
back and looked at that it’s got six speakers which is good C Shape
signature lighting which is the lighting if you’ve not seen Craig’s video from
the Renault Zoe owners club he went to go and view the new Z.E.50 when
it came out and he shows what the lights look like the just beautiful LED
headlights so massive massive improvement on the current headlights
body-colored door handles whoo I mean you can tell the stretching for extras
that they thought they had to mention the the door handles are coloured. Play plastic upholstery so a basic interior just a basic cloth interior nice spec
what extras can you load onto the play spec Nick well if you order the play
spec which is their base model spec the only extra you can have is you can pick
what colour you want now erm that’s it you can’t have a you comes with the R110 motor
it does not come with CCS you cannot add CCS and it does not come with CCS on the
play model so this is your mass fleet car of buyers that just want the car that
does the range that the Zoe does they want a cheap car that runs locally and
that is it it is not for you to buy as a consumer do not buy this model trust me
do not buy this model it is not going to have a great resale value in the future
you can however change your color you can change it to glacier white diamond
black zircon blue quats white flame red titanium gray Highland gray aconite the
purple one celadon blue which is the colour I actually quite like so your next trim model is your iconic think this is the current dynamic spec the iconic model
has a lot more spec it’s got some less options but it’s got some more spec and
I have a feeling Renault may tweak this depending on how the sales go in the UK
so that first of all all the old spec again from the play model plus
has a traffic sign recognition software so I believe it’s just going to tell you
it’s going to read it’s going to have a camera that reads the road sign stop
signs give way signs again this plays into the NCAP rating this will bring
it up I’m having a feeling the play might be an NCAP 4 and this one the
the highest spec might be an NCAP 5 but I don’t know there’s no test results yet
the next thing it has is automatic high low beam so that means it will have
a light sensor that knows where it needs to be high bright beams or low beams and
I think what will happen is if you’re driving down the road you’ve got high
beams on and a car comes the other way it will automatically dip your beam so you
don’t blind the other driver the the main reason for this it’s very useful is
LED bulbs are crazy bright crazy bright so to have that Auto dip feature would
be very useful lane departure warning so it will beep if you drift out of your
lane I believe so called you know semi sort of helpful driving aids climate
control so obviously this one’s going to have preheat split folding rear bench
seat rear parking sensors so same as what dynamique model has at the moment
electric rear windows which now tells me that the play model doesn’t have
electric rear car windows but it obviously has from OneTouch driving
window now if you’re wondering what that is that’s the time when you press the
drivers down button it just puts all the way down and pull it up it goes all the
way up yeah again Renault fetching here for listing extras DAB radio with a
7-inch navigation sat-nav so nice big massive screen in the middle of the car
it’s a new the new interior on the new zoe’s it’s just beautiful
the wireless smartphone charging so it’s got a wireless smartphone charging pad
put your phone on it start charging pretty much all the manufacturers are
doing this I did a video am doing a video well it’s recorded on the new
Hyundai that’s got smart charging same with the Kona and a couple of
other manufacturers got 16-inch alloy wheels part leather steering wheel
iconic fabric upholstery which is 100% recycled so if you’ve seen the fully
charged video I’m having a guess this is the recycled yarn made from recycled seatbelts and some other various little bits that’s this
quite it’s quite a nice-looking interior to be fair soft door panels so I’m
having a guess the play models going to be very hard plastic like the old ZE40 where the new ones gonna be all these soft touch plastics oh here we go
just not that Renault are fetching to list extras on the car body colored door
mirrors yeah the extras that you can add on this model is a little bit more you can actually add some extras the extras that you can add our
DC fast charging CCS which you definitely definitely definitely want to
add yes you do you’d want to add it there’s no real confirmed prices but I’m
gonna guess it’s going to be seven eight hundred quid round about that sort of
price point for adding CCS but you whatever it is at it you want CCS on
this car when you come to resell it that will make it more resellable dealers
like me will want to buy it if it’s got CCS because big battery like that
someone who’s not a home charger it’s more practical to have a fast CCS
charging system so it’s 50 kilowatt CCS and as we know the Zoe will be keeping
22 kilowatts throughout the entire range let’s move on to the next bits they’ve
got it’s your be able to add some extra quirks to the outside so you’ll be able to
add front parking sensors you’ll be able to add Revere reversing camera and
you’ll be able to add a nine point three touchscreen display so you’ll be able to
upgrade the the rear camera big screen and also say Oh front sensors so you can
you can add those extras on they are additional so very similar to dynamic
model that you could add the reverse camera but now you can improve the size
of your middle screen and another little thing that you can add on is you can
change the motor on this model it comes standard with the r110 motor which is a
110 bhp or you can pay an additional amount of money
which is not written down at all on my piece of paper you can add it to an R135
which will be a 135bhp this is an option which is completely up to you it’s not going to be a massive option
kind of make too much for distance on you is it yours like the CCS so it’s a
nice option if you want it if you want extra horsepower but don’t see it is I
must have it it’s gonna lose loads of money if I don’t have it it’s just a
nice option to have so 135 bhp on this motor and it’s the only
model which you have the choice of the two motors next moving on to the GT line
this is the top of the range highest spec Zoe you can get but it doesn’t come
fully loaded it just comes with more additional spec for an additional price
I love Renault Renault don’t take it seriously I do love you you make great
cars but sometimes some of your pricing and spec options they just seem a bit
bonkers and a bit Daft to the rest of us but yeah GT line top of the spec it gets
GT line written on all the door cils back door looks lovely same as all the
other models they all look beautiful the GT line comes with a lot of extra
additional spec first of all it comes with over speed protection not sure that
is I’m having a feeling just stopping you speeding
it has blind spot warning now this is one thing that I do like the sound of
blind spot warning is probably one of the best features ever if you’ve not got
your mirrors adjusted properly it will basically bleep in the left-hand corner
of the mirror to let you know that then you know it’s it’s dangerous there’s a
car there I did cover that this the car would have these options on my video
about four weeks ago before the car got announced these are the things that I
knew and predicted it was going to have on the other stuff is their main
interior of comfort Renault like to call it so that has front and rear
parking sensors rear reversing camera automatic electric folding door mirrors
why on earth it wasn’t included on the Ionic spec like the ZE40 dynamic
currently has don’t know ask Renault auto rearview mirror which is an auto dimming
rearview mirror so basically if cars behind you with the high beams on it
just adds a little bit of tinting to the mirror so you don’t get blinded by the
mirror nice little feature most cars have that are standard now anyway
it’s got the 9.3 touchscreen as standard on the GT line so I like I said on the
iconic model you could add it on the GT line its standard it comes with the car
you also get the 135 R135 brake horsepower motor with the GT line as
standard if you’re going to add 135 touchscreen and some of the
other options you might as well just buy the GT line obviously so if you were
going to add 135 brake horsepower and you were gonna add the larger
touchscreen and the reverse camera just by the GT line it will be better
residual values than buying the iconic model there this is why I love the way
Renault spec things you get 16-inch alloy diamond-cut alloy wheels so you
get tinted rear window glass hot stamped Grilli so I think if you see some of
their photos that John Johnny Smith covered on fully charge the grille has
these diamond bits at the bottom of the front grille so you see these bits here
on the new Zoe rather than just line vents here it’s got little diamonds on
it little bits of chrome Mercedes have done it on the front of their cars on
their AMG cars it looks really good it is an option that I really really like and
it just sell me I’m wanting to have the GT line because it’s pretty
now the GT line will come with it will come with fake leather and recycling
material so it’s half 1/2 1/2 fake leather with recycled materials on the
middle so it’s a nice little mix interior on there now the GT line like I
said again does not come with CCS as standard this is an option that you must
add on add it on do not not add it on you will seriously regret it when you come
to resell the car if the option is there to add on add it on the CCS is a must for
the new 50kwh do not buy a non CCS version of the new model new
please do not do that reason is when you come to resell the car the
residual value in your secondhand one will be worth a lot less than the one
with CCS that’s why it’s not saying if you buy it it’s it’s not going to resell
you’re never going to get rid of it it will still resell and you’ll still be
as I sell it it just won’t be as worth as much as if you added it and when I
say as much I mean the cost it will cost you to add it when you buy it new will
more than pay dividends in the future it’ll be worth what you paid for it plus
more than if you bought the non CCS version so add it you can also change
the alloy wheels on the GT line you can go for 17-inch diamond alloys if you
didn’t want the 16s this is the only GT lines the only model now you can have
bose too this is something that I do suspect Renault to change in the future
depending on sales but I do expect them to then move the BOSE models for the
other spec that they can I did this for the signature model where they won’t let
BOSE only signature model at first and then they let it go on the dynamic model
so I do expect this to change depending on sale figures and how they’re doing
with sales the other thing is it’s got hands-free parking so the hands-free
parkings been around for years and most cars which is basically you drive past
the space it measures it you press a button and it parks parallel park and
the space or parks in a Bay Park space if you hate parallel parking if you
absolutely detest parking it straight lines in Tesco power self parking
systems are brilliant they are really good and if your heart both these models
come with diamond cut alloys self parking systems do not scratch alloy wheels touch
wood I’ve never had used a self parking system that’s hit the kerb so if
you don’t want to damage your alloy wheels these systems for parking are
excellent if they used all the time the other thing you can add is a winter pack
which gives you heated front screens heated front seats heated leather
steering wheel come with the winter back but my sum up of which one you should
buy if you want 135 bhp you want reversing camera you want front
sensors buy the GT line you might as well get all the extra bits that come with
the GT line don’t forget to our CCS to it if you don’t want the higher brake
horsepower you don’t want the front sensors and you just want very basic
specs Zoe don’t buy the play model buy the iconic
model don’t buy the play model by the iconic model I honestly do not fully
believe that the play model is a good option to buy it’s going to be appeal
very much to Fleet buyers companies if you if you’re not interested in if you
win if you want to keep the car long term if you’re planning on keeping a
Renault Zoe for 5 10 15 years by the play model if you don’t want CCS it’s
it’s gonna be fine if you if you want a car that you’re
going to resell after a year two years and change again for another another Zoe
a newer Zoe then buy a higher spec model you won’t regret it in the future
trust me thank you very much for watching this week’s video thank you
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62 thoughts on “Renault Zoe ZE50 UK Specs GT Line / Iconic / Play

  1. Current news on availability is January 2020 here in Cardiff. Should be able to factory order your Zoe 50 in Sept 2019. So you know what the availability is here in South Wales.

  2. Will it be possible to upgrade my ZE 40 to CCS? Upgrade to 50 Kwh battery would be nice too, but as my battery is leased I think I can guess the answer.

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  5. Blind spot warning is on the 9.3 touch screen using the 360deg sensors. It's a animated display radar looking system. Not mirror led flashing thing.. Why does your title say life? It's play.. Lol

  6. I agree with you completely Nick when I comes to choosing a spec on the ZOE. Do not spec the base model without CCS. Major mistake if you do. It will suit some people’s needs but as you say residuals will be effected and saleability.

  7. Will Adams at DSG will be a very busy man over the next fews years I imagine. Not that he’s not busy already.

  8. From the specs you have announced here Nick. The only one I would choose it the GT Line. It ticks all the boxes. Would love the 17” wheels too. Would really give the car a more attractive sportier look.

    Great video Nick 👍

  9. Wonder if the play model is aimed at ride sharing in cities mainly. Where they will be left plugged in for longer periods of down time.

  10. Many thanks for the this Nick, really helpful. Amazed that a car with a 50kwh battery has CCS as an optional extra which is not available on its entry level model.

  11. How they can release any spec without something as fundamental as Rapid charging in this day and age and expect to get away with that I do not know! I will probably look at other car brands when I come to change my ZE40 Zoe in a years time. I suspect there will be better options. Maybe?

  12. Play model with alloy wheels would be perfect in a small car , no need for sat nav with apple or android phones these days.

  13. From what I have read customer ordering will open mid-September with the first customer deliveries being January 2020.

    The ZE50 in the UK will have 3 different levels of specification – Play, Iconic & GT Line.

    The Iconic will be £1,500 more than the Play and the GT Line will be £1,450 more than that, what I don't know is the price of the base model.

    50kW DC CCS charging will be available on the Iconic and GT Line for £750

    Technology standard on GT Line, Iconic £800

    Winter pack, Iconic and GT Line £500
    17" alloy wheels, GT Line only £310
    Bose sound system, GT Line only £500
    Hands free parking, GT Line only £300

  14. the Zoe ZE50 looks like a great car but for now the ZE40 fits most peoples needs.  CCS is a nice option but 100% of our charging is at home or work

  15. A pity CCS isn't a retro fit for the ZE40. Having said that I charge away from home so rarely that the 22 kw charge rate has been totally fine other than the day when I did 370 miles. Peugeot are going for 100 kw CCS and I think that's way more worth having than 50 kw that Renault have gone for. The range of the Zoe is very good though.

  16. Another excellent and informative video Nick. Really looking forward to seeing the new Zoe in the showrooms with sensible prices.

  17. Really CCS is an option wtf !!! You did not mention insurance. Ibet an upgraded iconic with most of the the GT options would be cheaper to insure. Insurance love gt gti gsi anything speedy more money

  18. Hi just out of curiosity how much is the Zoe behind you. Or is there a reason you’re not displaying the price. It’s just so much in the shot. Human curiosity I suppose. CCS not standard that’s poor. Maybe a fantastic deal on the outgoing 40 is the way to go. 🤓

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  24. No new car should not come with a rapid charge, what were Renault thinking, whoever in marketing and finance made this decision they clearly do not get the Concept that ev’s are not just city cars, yes if you only do 100 miles a day you will never need the ccs but go away for a weekend or long trip there is no way just using a (old style/original ) 16amp public charger will be enough

  25. Renault need to make just one Zoe with all the extras. This meddling about with options catalogue they’re doing, is patronising and missing the market entirely.

  26. Any idea when books will open for Order? I spoke to my local dealer who thought that they may have March 2020 in mind for first UK orders arriving. But they had been given no indication by Renault as to about demonstrators of even an official launch date.

  27. Super stupid they sell them without CCS!… It isn’t good for the brand aswell or the “name” of the Zoe. It will cost Renault money aswell I’d think

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  31. For FULL pricing info on the new Renault Zoe ZE50 please reffer to my channel community tab! leave a comment on what you think which trim level you want on the Z.E.50 does the price make you want it more or less?

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