REVIEW: TCMT tankless Natural Gas water heater Happybuy Vevor Marey tank less

hello everyone this is Noah with save
Greene here again and today we’re gonna go over a tankless natural gas water
heater and we’re also going to show you why many customers such as this one here
are going with a tankless natural gas water heater if you currently have a
natural gas tank water heater whether it be 40 50 60 80 gallons whatever so what
we’re gonna do before we come back and take a look at this is make a quick trip
to one of our local box stores and show you the prices of tank style water
heaters and then we will come back and show you why this customer in particular
went with this type of water heater so here we are at Home Depot prices for gas
water heaters 660 for 644 548 519 really expensive and they don’t seem to get better here
the price is 600 400 400 500 all this for natural gas water heater okay folks
now that we’ve come back and returned from our field trip over at the box
store we want to show you a little bit about these water heaters they have been
very popular in European market so they’re very popular on the other side
of the world and that’s why you can see the 16 L that’s actually 16 liters so
this particular model runs about 4.2 or 4.3 gallons per minute if you have a
low-flow showerhead you’re probably running about a gallon per minute so if
you do if you don’t and you have maybe two and a half gallons per minute this
will do a whole-house no problem as you can be taking a shower and then someone
else can be using hot water at the sink or faucet doesn’t matter but a 16 liter
they also have 18 liter for bigger applications but just so you have an
idea how big it is I have my tape measure there and it’s 24 inches high
and it is about 13 inches wide so they’re not very big at all as you can
see and in this particular application and I’ll show you here real quick as far
as the width goes so you can see that it’s roughly about 13 inches wide and
maybe just about there you go about five inches from the
back to the front so it’s not very big at all and you can see it’s got the
exhaust there to exhaust the the fumes out you have your temperature control
here and then you can also control the water flow and that’s what this is for
if you want more water sensitivity to when it comes on and you can have either
summer or winter mode so that’s why these these water heaters are very
popular in the European market and then you can see at the bottom you have your
inlet which is your cold water coming in right here and then the hot water
returning back into the home as hot water to your area that you’re heating
whether it be your shower or sinks and faucets whatnot and then of course the
yellow line you see there is your gas now again you already saw what the
prices are for tank propane water heaters at the box store these guys that
normally run anywhere from 200 to 250 dollars they’re very easy to install it
took us maybe about 45 minutes to an hour to do the entire installation once
we remove the old water heater the only thing you would need to buy is this
little piece right here that’s an adapter to adapt our u.s. gas line
thread so the European thread your threads for your water are gonna be the
same kind of like like you have now but what I recommend you do and we did it in
this case we actually took the device with us to the box store so so we were
able to get the proper piping and threads and all that so we didn’t have
to make another trip so our suggestion is once you get it take it with you to
the box store and you’ll be able to get all your fittings and connections
accordingly you also do want to buy either a teflon tape or something like
this which is a pipe thread compound and you’re going to use this to put it
around your natural gas line as well you can use it for your
water so you could either get this or teflon tape and it’ll work just fine but
we already tested it and one thing you have to consider since again they’re
European and on the other side of the world is the temperatures reading is in
Celsius so you’ll have to gradually adjust your temperature here and and you
can just go on your phone and and Google what what that temperature is in
Fahrenheit so we have it at I believe in the mid 40s which is close to 100 1520
degrees Fahrenheit that’s good enough for many applications but we used to
have a tank style water heater sitting there and we removed it customer had the
floor completely caving in because the water heater had leaked and actually was
about to fall through so we had to rebuilt the floor and we rebuilt we
actually built a a frame around it to hold it in as far as the tankless
natural gas water heater but again this is Noah with save green here what I’ll
do is I will post a link down at the description so you can check it out but
they’re about I would say one third of the price of what you would spend on a
tank water heater and good thing about these guys is they’re only running when
you actually run the hot water faucet in the house so it’ll save you lots of
money on your natural gas bill as you’re not heating the water so right now no
one inside is using hot water so it’s just idles just stand in there as far as
a tank water heater if you’re in a winter climate and it’s cold around it
guess what all it takes is one degree for it to drop and it’s gonna turn on
and you’re actually paying the propane usage when you’re not really using the
hot water so this is a wise investment again it’s Noah with safe green here
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8 thoughts on “REVIEW: TCMT tankless Natural Gas water heater Happybuy Vevor Marey tank less

  1. How long does it take to get up to temperature? 10 seconds or so maybe? My guess. Still have to flush the lines of sitting water. So it would be un-noticeable difference but just curious.

  2. Easy to install and works great!!>>> We have not used it full time yet. It was installed in a cabin at the lake.

  3. I bought this same unit for natural gas. I put this in place of my Bosch AquaStar that had leaking seals. The cold water going directly into this unit is upwards of 7GPM, but the flow on the output was reduced to 1.3GPM, when it should be 3.2GPM. The service rep said that I needed to "add a pump" and that the 16L unit had larger piping to accommodate more flow. I ordered the 16L unit, opened them up and laid them side-by-side. They are identical in every way except for the front panel. So, just for fun I installed the 16L unit, thinking that maybe they had a flow reducer that was adjusted higher on this unit. Nope! I only got 1.4GPM. Both are going back.

    I ordered the two units from different eBay users, but they both came from a company called TengChang, Inc. (9520 7th St Ste E, Rch Cucamonga, CA, 91730-5689)

  4. Heres an important question. How the hell do I get WARM water? The hot is hot as hell sometimes when just using hot water and when using any sort of cold water in my shower it immediately overlaps my hot water and gives me just cold water.

  5. I just bought a TCMT 6L and am trying to figure out how to power it via propane tank (bbq tank). Is this possible? I cannot find the right connections to do it.

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