Richart Sowa’s Island Made of Plastic Bottles – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE – EP2

The whole surface of the island is made
from recycled materials. It’s got about a hundred and fifty
thousand plastic bottles underneath it My name Richart Sowa. I was a carpenter
basically for about 13 years and then I got interested in the ecology and I just
love experimenting and building things out of recycled materials. This is something I made, a solar
cooker. It just reflects the light and slowly cooks a wonderful cake. That’s
been cooking for one year. Oooh, it’s good. I can fly! So this is a little bottle boat. It’s got about a thousand plastic bottles in it and it’s amazing because you never need to bail it out and if it broken it even 10 pieces every
piece will float. But the coolest thing I ever made was my island floating on plastic bottles. It’s got about a hundred and fifty
thousand plastic bottles underneath it so it’s kind of solid a little bit
squidgy places. It’s a nice flexible floating surface like a big raft. Then a house on top of that as well and trees are growing. Works great. I started this island here in Mexico six and a half years ago and registered as an ecological boat
with the maritime officials. So the whole surface of the
island is made from recycled materials like the old pallets here. I get a bag of bottles and I just tie them on and just cover that. Turn it over under the water,
make another one and tie the pallets together, and then I cover it with sand.
and then I plant …this is a baby mangrove. All of this started from tiny little mangroves. So the roots of the mangroves go through here and weave through it all and
make the island completely stronger. Underneath corals and sea life grows. Most countries in the world don’t recycle and the population is expanding
so fast and in this way in many parts of the world we can create more land which
gives oxygen back. Now this is a bag of trash that’s not gonna float very well and I make raised beds all on the trash that doesn’t float. So here now we’ve got a ginger plant, a tequila plant, agave, the hibiscus flower. Its tropical lettuce. I’m becoming slowly self-sufficient on the island. I sustain myself from tours so I
invite people over to experience the off the grid lifestyle. So this is my home. Come on in, welcome. Yes we have a little kitchen. It’s kind of a nice size, you know I can just reach around get
everything. Right now with the solar panels it’s enough to even cook and this is a sink here for water, and the pipe goes up to a tank that’s collected rain from
the roof and it just comes down by gravity no pumps So this is the compost toilet. These
fresh scented leaves cover it over and then when it gets too high I
dig it out from the outside and can put it on the garden so it’s a little soil creating factory This is our shower. It comes out of this the shell collected by the rain mostly Ahhh, fresh. Well the inside of the house is 2 levels, then there’s a top view point. Most of the fresh water comes down these red waterproof strong sheets. Why would I buy it when it’s right there? An island floating on plastic bottles is the coolest thing I’ve ever made. Director: (beautilful, I think we got it, I think your wrapped)

48 thoughts on “Richart Sowa’s Island Made of Plastic Bottles – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE – EP2

  1. But what most people dont know is that his island broke apart into a million pieces of toxic trash and left the country and abandoned it and left the huge mess for the residents of the island. He should be forced to use the proceeds from his other televised documentaries to reimburse the island for the mess and ecological damage he caused. Now he's destroying the ecosystem in another part of the world raking in money making more documentaries on how to destroy precious ecosystems and get away with it for the sake of money and fame.

  2. the house can most beautiful if other Architecth can help them to build with Good Design , this will be a perfect home in Island ..

  3. The only blackspot is plastic is toxic especially in freshwater. Mangrove and plants prosper but It cannot be an ecological innovation. A last resort at least.

  4. A hurricane is going to crush your garbage can of a house and I bet you don’t even help clean your garage up

  5. …. At the same time people say to stop drinking from bottled water because it leaks the oil slowly… Now praise it while he lives in the ocean. Drinking bottled water hurts yourself. Living on top of it hurts the waters ECO system but hey… He looks like a hippy so all the other fake hippies jump on board.

  6. This is Noah's ark 2.0 in the making. Start small, then when it gets big enough start putting land animals there 🙂

  7. Your design tastes are also beautiful you would be an architectural designer of great skill, creating much beauty. Good has vested you with such an eye for beauty, and such understanding of natural things!!!!!

  8. In my Lifetime ,which spans many decades, I have learned to let the men and women of wisdom speak! I wish people in media would contact this person and record for posterity more of his Ideas and beautiful creations. Van Gogh was ignored until he was gone, look at the beauty of this work , it is art and Marvelous!

  9. Almost daily I hear someone supposing to have normal intelligence talk seriuosly about establishing colonies on Mars, isn't the Ocean closer?

  10. Oh my god. I’ve heard of rafts and boats made out of recycled bottles, but a whole island. Wow! This guy is amazing and so inspirational. I can’t wait to make something similar when I’m older.

  11. Apparently this island broke and all the plastic spread all over the lagoon, this guy left somewhere else and left the mexican authorities deal with the problem. So… there you go with this guy's sustainable ways.

  12. He has his own electricity own water supply garbage disposal own garden a kitchen bed toilet wow its a fully functional home …floating on water …

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