RIDGID – micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Meter

FULL RANGE OF TEST AND MEASUREMENT micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter VIEW STORE SHARE CONNECT with your smartphone
or tablet via Bluetooth DRAW lines on a photo or sketch TRANSFER measurements to drawn lines SHARE WITH OTHERS SAVE SEND & SHARE ONLINE MANY GREAT FEATURES XL Backlit 4-Line Display Measuring range up to 70 meters Inclination Sensor Determine
Slopes Up To 65 degrees Indirect Measurement Up to 65 degree Angle Measurement Area & Volume Calculation Stake out, Set (Un)Equal Distances AND MUCH MORE Addition, Substraction,
Continuous Measurement, Memory, Self-Triggering Timer, Spirit
Level, Tripod Support LM-400, CAT #36813 Please Visit www.RIDGID.com For More Details. RIDGID

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