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Hello this is the review for the RioRand
power meter plug. I bought it on Amazon for $15 US this is an energy meter that
helps you to monitor and test instrument it determined the power consumption and
electricity cost. It can measure the voltage, ampere, power factor, power
consumption and current power. I believe it was made in China
so don’t expect a very high quality but it does what it have to do. It came
with a simple manual and that’s it. I wish they were a little bit more
instruction because I had to find out how to put the cost consumption and I
will show you how to do it in this video also I will show you how to calculate
the kilowatt and to know the price per year, per month or per day, later on the
video. Now first thing first when you open a digital power meter
it’s important to just reset the unit to make sure that we don’t have a old
data from their testing so I just use a pen and it resets automatically. so now I
have plug one of my light, it’s been plug for an hour and six minutes this is
how much it consumed it say 0.022 with that you can calculate how much
your device consumed per hour. Option this is the voltage, the hertz, the ampere
and the power factor the power factor is a unit to say how much efficient it
distribute electricity this is the lowest peak of the light, this is the highest
peak of my light and this is currently how much my light consume so it’s at 20 watt
so let’s say you want to put the cost over here you press this button cost
and then you press again you hold for three seconds this will blink all you
have to do is press the function so it is at the first digital the second
digital and here you can press up and down like so and then once you are done
just press cost and that’s it alright so now for the calculation the
first thing you need to know is how much your electricity bill cost. So in
North America it goes in general on average, I’m just doing an approximation it’s 15
cents per kilowatt the second thing you need to know is how much what your
device consume so in my case is 20 watts so you take 20 you multiply this by the
number of hours so let’s take an example 8 hours you divide this by 1000 equals
16 kilowatt and then you take the 16 kilowatt multiplie by 15 which is a
average, equal 0.24 so that means it costs 2 cents per day and then you take
0.24 multiplied by 30, equal 0.72 that means it costs 72 cents per month and
then you take that 0.72 multiply by 12 equal 8.64 so that means my
light in my case, it costs $8 approximately per year. So there we go I
hope this really helped you it’s like I said it was really simple
if you have any question please go on the comment section and I will do my
best to reply so there we go I hope you like this video, please give a little
like it helped my channel so thank you for watching bye

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  1. What happens when you unplug the light fixture and plug it in again? Does it continue to accumulate the power usage?

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