Road Test Review – 2013 Ram 1500 V-6

i’m mark williams for pickup trucks .com
and we’re here near the Arizona Nevada border right near the infamous section
of highway 68 commonly known as the Davis Dam section for tow testing we
brought to 2013 ram 1500 to do some toe testing ourselves but for right now
let’s take a closer look and see what each of these trucks has to offer our
blue ram 1500 4 doors two wheel drive short rear bed SLT trim package as a consequence not a
lot of frills this truck has the 321 gears for extra
fuel economy front bucket seats split 40 20 40 with a movable center console and
it does have the UConnect but no nav screen so it looks very bare bones and
actually is a pretty good deal at just under thirty eight thousand dollars are
red ram 1500 just under forty four thousand dollars are red ram has a lot
of similarities to our other truck ford or two wheel drive short bed v6
eight-speed SLT model but there are several differences not the least of
which are the bucket seats center console does have the you connect and
8.4 inch screen nav system also offers the air
suspension package and the ram box option just for this truck alone but
probably the most significant difference and one that we intentionally made for
this tow test because this is the truck that’s going to be towing 250 500 pound
trailer 3 55 years instead of the shorter 3 21 years so you’ve seen the trucks but we’re here
to do testing behind me is the Davis Dam grade we’re
going to be taking these two Rams with and without trailer up and down this
Hill to find out how well they tow for those long time pickup trucks . com
readers you might remember that about a year and
a half ago we to took two f150 fx2 on a huge 23 24 hundred miles circuit to test
the new EcoBoost to its maximum we’re taking a portion of that test and
putting these new 2013 ram 1500 to the same test our first series of tests were
conducted on the Davis Dam grade that averages over five percent along that
specific section of highway 68 on the day of our testing there was a slight
westerly breeze and temperatures were about 55 degrees are red 4 by 2 SLT
towing are 5,500 pounds american horse trailer which put us just
above ninety six percent of our trucks gross combined weight rating pulled the
Davis damn Hill Climb strong and confidently with a 17 point 74 seconds 0
to 50 time on level ground the same truck and trailer combination
ran 20 to 50 time of 11.5 four seconds neither of these two numbers may sound
interesting by themselves but when compared to the two truck road test we
did with a pair of 2011 ford f-150 ecoboost interestingly these Davis Dam
and level ground towing numbers are practically identical quarter mile times
and speeds were right on top of each other as well with our Ram v6 and
trailer combination finishing in just 24 . 35 seconds at 55 . 47 miles per hour of course we should note that although
both tests have their respective vehicles very close to their gross
combined vehicle limits the f-150 is twin turbo ecoboost was towing a nine
thousand pound trailer whereas the Rams naturally aspirated v6
was towing a 50 500 pound trail that’s important to make sure we understand but
of course we didn’t just test the ram 1500 with the trailer we actually tested
both the 3 21 21 geared blue ram and 3:55 21 Red ram at Davis Dam and on
level ground to compare their numbers with each other as well as the Fords
ecoboost story we did previously and the results were again quite
interesting in fact in both testing situations empty trucks on the Davis Dam
grade and on level ground the two ram pickup trucks were within
hundreds of a second of each other making us think that the new ZF
eight-speed transmissions are working very hard to transfer every ounce of
engine power no matter what the rearend gear and as to overall fuel economy on
our two-truck ram road tests are empty blue ram achieve 23 miles per gallon
over our 1,400 mile trip while our red ram v6 towing at max gcw are achieved
well over 10 miles per gallon not bad at all in either case so there you have it that’s the story
that we’ve put together on these ram these sixes but if you want to get all the details
performance fuel economy and even our roots go to pick up trucks . com for the
full story

59 thoughts on “Road Test Review – 2013 Ram 1500 V-6

  1. The Ecoboost is an over-rated engine. Tow anything and the gas mileage is horrible and even regular driving is nothing to brag about. Then there's the fact that a turbocharged engine has a shorter life span that a naturally aspirated engine. Forced induction was supposed to be a miracle for engines 20-30 years ago, it flopped. It's repeating itself again. Direct injection and efficiency is what gasoline engines should go to, screw forced induction in production cars/trucks.

  2. $44k for a v6? fuck you, i dont care what thrills it has i would never throw down 44 large for a non turbo v6 half ton

  3. WTF $44k gets you a V6 found in the base model, SLT trim package, and cloth seats. $44k can get me a brand new Silverado LTZ 4×4 5.3L V8.

  4. Funny this is I bet the v6 dodge will beat the 5.3L chevy 0-60. The 5.3 is the weakest POS v8. Rented a 2013 chevy 4×4 for one for week and all I can say is my 2004 Nissan Titan will stomp a hole in it. Chevy better bring it for 2014 as right now they have the biggest POS.

  5. You are the most ignorant person Ive come across. The base engine is the 4.7V8. The V6 is for fuel economy especially from the 8 speed auto. The LTZ is a cheaply made truck. Those plastics on the door and dash are from my moms old Yaris. The wood is cheap, the sat nav is from 2005, the guage cluster trip computer is pixely and outdated and the truck is aging. It feels like its from the 90's and the refresh better make me change my mind since I loved Chevs until 2010

  6. That's MSRP of course… I ordered a 2013 CC Sport with air suspension, RamBox System, as well as EVERY option but NAV and the Sport hood and walked out at 41,000 dollars U.S. MSRP was 51,000. Now the wait!

  7. I'm not saying they having been doing it for long. The fact is most of the turbo engines offered in the newer generations of cars have proven to be less efficient than NA engines.

  8. Not really. That's why Ford and Navistar ended their partnership wasn't it? The 6.0 and 6.4 powerstrokes has issues and it soured their relationship. The new 6.7 is what? 2-3 years old? So far so good I guess but still a bit early to be calling them reliable.

  9. How is this impressive at all? You said the Ford was towing almost double the weight but they achieved the same MPG and 0-60 times? That sounds like Ford's Ecoboost engines just kicked Rams ass. I dono, maybe I misunderstood!

  10. its funny how they didnt say how much was the Mpg on the ram towing lol only said "well over 10mpg" humm well iknow on my ecoboost i do 16mpg towing i was really hoping how much the ram would make but nope they didnt say it 🙁

  11. My dad has a 2012 6.7 and it is shit. It has been in the shop 3 times in under a year. only 40 thousand miles so far.

  12. ………Why do you pay $44K for a N/A V6 2WD truck? You even can get a super duty for this price……….Also can get a fully loaded Tundra……….

  13. I agree.. MSRP for my 2012 Ram 2500 4×4 with Cummins and G56 manual was only a couple thousand more than this 1/2 ton V6..

  14. oh HELL no.. Look at what Ford has in their top of the line Mustangs, since 2003 Forced induction V8's, and now they are the most powerful production V8's you can buy, Forced induction is a good thing..

  15. So more powerful = more efficient?
    Since when?
    Take a look around, the cars that get the best mileage are diesels and modern, direct-injected engines. Small turbo-charged units don't perform well and have to work harder. The 1.6 Ecoboost Escape gets worse gas mileage than the 2.5 Mazda CX5 yet it's the same car… And lest we forget how reliable the 1.6 is up to now.

  16. I never said more efficient, I just said more powerful..662 hp in a factory supercharged car with a 5.8 liter engine is a GOOD thing..

  17. The nice part is the option is there for that person that will want it. Would you prefer to complain of lest options available or an excess??

  18. Got a buddy who has a vette ZR1. Something like 600hp. He gets 45mpg if he keeps his foot out of it. It is all about how you drive them.

  19. Yeah, sure you do.

    I also have a buddy with an M1 Abrams and he says he can get 60mpg… when it's parked on his driveway.

  20. wait a damn minute why the blue truck had a cover over the bed and the red didn't, I am pretty sure that bed was acting as a parachute and the other just drove fine with the wind going across the back} we got a flag on the field ….

  21. Believe what you want. It is a manual. We took a road trip in it and calculated the gas milage. He drove like grandma. You have to remember that the car is not using 600hp all the time but only in the high rpms. The car has enough power that he can shift at 1300rpms thus using less fuel. And with that and less shifts he gets 45mpg on highway runs. Around town is a different story. It is all about how you drive them.

  22. And thts where the 2014 Chevy and GMC comes into play with REAL aluminum trim. Also its gona be pushing an estimated 23 MPG's with a V8. Sad tht a V6 can't do better. Might be because of weight still, Idk. But interior of new 2014 Silverado and Sierra is pretty impressive to me. I'm a GM guy myself but I would consider a Ford over Dodge still. The Ford's are on par with Chevy and Silverado. Dodge… not so much.

  23. I like Ford and Dodge. Probably the only reason I like Dodge is because my dads truck was an 87 Ram 3500 Cummins and I grew up with that truck. I guess the brand has sentimental value to me. I like Fords a lot as well. Chevs are very nice however they are crazy expensive without any value. Fords are also crazy expensive with very little value. A 40k Crew Cab truck with a V6 and no features is a bit crazy to me…

  24. i work at a dodge dealership, theres no way in hell this truck is 44k. u can get a sport with 4×4 and a hemi for 46 and thats loaded. idk where these guys got their facts

  25. Why are yall wasting time testing a full size truck with a v6. Smh Ford's eco boost is not even in the same class as a v6. ITS TWIN TURBO CHARGED! It produces more torque than the 2013 hemi engine! Epic Fail. Use common sense when you make comparisons.

  26. $44K for a 2WD CC V6 middle of the road Ram truck, RIDICULOUS. You can get a VERY well equipped 2WD Silverado LTZ CC with a V8 and a MUCH higher tow rating for the same price.

  27. Since ram separated from dodge they are lost. I want a regular cab v6 with rambox big nav screen with power windows and door locks. Priced at $20k no dealer bullshit. Why can't you retards put that package together….

  28. I just bought a 2013 Ram 1500 Express regular cab 4×4 with the Hemi for 28k that can tow nearly twice as much as the V6. No way I'd spend 44k on one of those trucks

  29. As for the Ecoboost. It's a good engine, but over priced. And good luck getting it worked on if something breaks. Turbo engines are a pain in the ass to work on and expensive!

  30. For everybody saying stuff about the price, Fords arent any cheaper. In fact, no 2010+ truck is cheap.

    Why not just go buy a chevy 1500 with the V6? One of the silverados, maybe 2003-ish would do just as good. C:

  31. wow lots of people talking out their ass here. The 3.6L Pentastar can be had in the base model Tradesman quad cab for about 28-30K after rebates.  Not a bad deal IMO.  As far as the ecoboost is concerned. I do like the fact that Ford is really going out on a limb (quite honestly the most innovative truck manufacturer), but at this point the ecoboost has too many reliability issues, and doesn't get anywhere near the fuel mileage it reports.  I think it needs some more development.  I look forward to a better F150 in years to come.  For now the Ram has it.

  32. When i buy a Ram, it will have the 3.6L.  love that engine and perfect for my application.  not everyone needs a V8!

  33. I rented a 2017 4 door Ram 3.6. I bet it was screaming at 5500 rpm going up the hill with the trailer.

  34. I like my 3.6 v6 2018 ram 1500 SLT. I don’t tow much with a trailer but haul things in the bed often. I average around 22 mpg a tank. Does what I need it to do.

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