ROAD TRIP de 15,000 km en CAMPER VAN aux USA [English Subtitles]

After living one year in Vancouver, we deceided that we wanted to travel across the USA before going back to Belgium Since we didn’t have a car, we bought a van and we transformed it into a camper van After a few month of work, we finally hit the road for this road-trip of more than 9.000 miles Our journey begins in the state of Washington where two of our friends joined us in Seattle We then crossed the border into Oregon and continued our trip by camping along the west coast “Hello!” First night: South Beach State Park “Oh you’re filming?” “We en on a high note!” Night 2-3: Redwood Forest Night 4-5: Lake Tahoe After one week, we arrived in San-Fracisco where 4 friends joind us for a part of the journey “Here comes Selmi!” “The whole team, say ‘Hi’! ” “Selmi! Selmi! Selmi!” Nights 6-7: San Francisco Nights 8-11: Los Angeles Nights 12-16: Las Vegas * It’s currently 110°F After Las Vagas, our friends went back home and we continued our trip towards the big national parks of the widwest Nights 17-18: Zion National Park Night 19: North Rim of the Grand Canyon Night 20: Glen Canyon Night 21: Recapture Reservoir, Utah Night 22: Somewhere in the desert? After the intense heat and dryness of the desert we took the road of the Rockies looking for some more pleasant climates Then… And the situation went from bad to worse… With no damage other than a deflector we went back on the road toward Texas then the Gulf of Mexico Night 29: Surfisde Beach, Galveston Nights 33-37: Orlando Night 38: Cape Canaveral “Welcome to Miami!” Nights 39-40: Miami Beach Night 46: Washington, DC Nights 47-49: New York The Niagara Falls were our last stop in the US we then crossed back the border into Canada and drove to Montreal From there, we sold our camper van and flew back to Belgium which end our long adventure Thanks to all of our friends who accompanied us during this trip! Statistics of the trip: 9.539 Miles driven 24 States crossed 6 National Parks visited 41 nights inside the van 20 nights in cities Longest distance in a day: 469 Miles Songs:

6 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP de 15,000 km en CAMPER VAN aux USA [English Subtitles]

  1. Salut! super video! juste info, vous avez louer ou acheter le van ?
    quelques infos le quel est le mieux et quel est l ordre de prix? merci 🙂

  2. Bonjour, nous partons début 2020 pour un road trip très semblable au votre mais en sens inverse. Nous souhaitons également acheter un van aménagé au Canada (certainement Quebec) puis le revendre à l'ouest vers Vancouver.

    Nous avons des questions sur l'achat et la revente du van ainsi que l'assurance du véhicule.

    Seriez-vous disponible pour en discuter via mail, whatsApp…?

    Merci par avance.

    Romain et Cécile

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