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From SwissWatchExpo… Spotlight On: The Rolex Explorer. And the famous men who wear it. Initially created as a prototype for Himalayan
expeditions, the original Rolex Explorer accompanied the pioneering ascent to Mt. Everest. It has since become an icon of robustness. No other watch in the Rolex line has been
to as many extreme places, and witness to as many adventures around the globe. No wonder then, that the Explorer has become
the watch for adventurers of life. We give you some influential men who love
the Rolex Explorer. Let’s start with the Rolex Explorer reference
1016 – as seen on Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom and John Mayer. Launched in 1953, it enjoyed a very long production
until 1989. As expected with vintage Rolex models, the
early versions of the 1016 featured glossy dials and gilt details. Of course, it also has the iconic dial layout
with oversized 3-6-9 Arabic numerals, alongside the stick hour makers and inverted triangle
at 12 o’clock. A true mark of the Explorer’s DNA. The well-proportioned dial is still a hallmark
of today’s modern Rolex Explorer, reference 214270. Actor Tom Hanks and former Starbucks CEO Howard
Schultz are fans of the no frills timepiece. First unveiled in 2010, the 214270 ushered
in a 39 millimeter case, instead of the traditional 36 millimeters. The characteristic 3-6-9 Arabic numerals were
also no longer luminous, but crafted entirely from 18k white gold. These details, along with the symmetry of
the Rolex Explorer’s design, make it undeniably modern and sleek, and easily pairable with
any ensemble. No wonder it’s the choice of busy men like
Howard and Tom! Now, let’s go to the Rolex Explorer II. Its very first iteration, the reference 1655,
has fans in Adam Levine, Orlando Bloom and Jason Statham. Instead of replacing the Rolex Explorer, Rolex
came up with the Explorer II in 1971. The new model was offered alongside the traditional
model, and came with new features: a fixed bezel with 24 hour markings, and a 24-hour
hand as a day & night indicator. These features, along with a date complication,
were specifically made for speleologists, or people who need to work for long periods
in low-light conditions. They also give the watch a distinct look,
that makes it highly collectable. And finally, we have the latest edition of
the Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570. It is seen here on Prince Harry, who wore
it all throughout his military immersion. With a 42 millimeter case, larger Chromalight-coated
markers and hands, plus the 24-hour orange hand, the watch offers excellent legibility. It also allows the wearer to keep track of
time in two different time zones, or simply know whether its day or night. The 216570 runs on calibre 3187, which has
Paraflex shock absorbers – offering greater resistance to shocks and extreme conditions. All these features combined, make the 216570
truly live up to the Rolex Explorer’s reputation as an adventure watch. The Rolex Explorer I and II remain two of
the most durable and practical watches – both for expeditions, and even for everyday wear. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

9 thoughts on “Rolex Explorer, And the Men Who Wear It | SwissWatchExpo

  1. i have a Explorer ll β€œ1655” I purchased in 1979 as a college graduation gift to myself! First good watch, first Rolex! Who knew it would become a rare classic!

  2. The Explorer II is the best Rolex model to display a GMT hand, This one is so stylish and easy to see. Orange on black pops!

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  4. I love my explorer 1 39mm ,I cannot explain why but if I could only have one watch this is it! It’s simply cool like Stan Getz.

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