RT Life – Michael Eats the 5lb Gummy Bear Challenge!

[Rooster Teeth Theme song] Michael: I have the gummy in my hands. Geoff?: Jesus. Gavin: Alright how far are you gonna get through that do you think? All the way? Gavin: 90 minutes?
[laughter] Gavin: Who- is someone timing this? Michael: [eating noises] Burnie: Um, here I’ll start a flash one. Gavin: Alright.
Michael: I don’t know it’s pretty big. Gavin: That is… shiny. Michael: Look, look, watching this look.
Barbara: Oh my god [laughing] [plate crash]
Barbara & Gavin: [laughing] Michael: Alright. Ray: Good luck broski. Barbara: Good luck!
Ray: Go.
Jack: Oh… oh… Jack: He got most of the ear in his mouth… Burnie: Okay, I’m startin’ the clock. Michael: I mean… It just falls down your throat. Gavin: Is it just gliding down? Michael: Yeah but it’s gonna pile up. Gavin: I wonder if you’ll boke- Michael: That’s when I’ll choke to death.
Gavin: [laughs] Michael: [gurgling noise] Gavin: You’re gonna have like- the gooiest crap. Gavin: Do you feel like you caught a baby bear in the woods and you’re just- [background laughter] eatin’ its head off? Lindsay: No he was given one on mars. Gavin: [chuckles] it was an astrobear. Gavin: Do you- Will you ever eat a cherry gummy bear, ever again? Michael: Probably not in the next few days. Gavin: [laughs] Gavin: Maybe at Christmas or somethin’? Burnie: Poke his stomach right now let’s get the stomach- Gavin: No I don’t, I don’t wanna interfere with this. Michael: I would punch you in the face. Gavin: He would do the- paint the face. Brandon: Is the water good? Here you wanna- do you wanna big red? Gavin: Oh, look at that sheen, look at the sheen on that. Michael: [Chuckles] Michael: I now know what, like Gavin said you can’t eat anything in the bet else than gummy bear cause, I would actually eat something else just to cleanse my palate of this, bear. Michael: I would eat like a chees- Burnie: You have any words of encouragement? Michael: I’d eat like, a cheeseburger. Matt: I really don’t. Gavin: Matt! Matt: I have words of discouragement. Gavin: What are your thoughts? Wha- What’s the worse that could happen here Matt? In your opinion? Barbara: He did pretty well so far. Matt: R- really? Ray: Oh that’s… Burnie: Michael let me ask you this. At this point do you wish you had chosen A different flavor? Michael: No, there’s no way around it. Gavin: He’s almost had- you’ve almost decapitated him! Michael: [grunts] Barbara: Oh no… Gavin: You gonna boak it up? Michael: It’s too much. Burnie: Come on Michael! Gavin: Is that it? Michael: Alright I’ll- let me finish the head hang on. Burnie: No no no no don’t do that. Gavin: Yeah! Do it! Burnie: There’s no reason to do that. Miles: GLORY… HONOR! Gavin: At least then he can tell people he got all the way down to the body. Miles: [in Bane voice] For the people. Gavin: Come on… Barbara: That’s the head. Michael: Shut up. Gavin: [bursts into giggles] Burnie: What is this a moral victory? Gavin: Who would- who would ever get decapitated like that? Michael: Shut the fuck up! Alright I’m done! [pained] I’m done. [Clapping]
Barbara & others: Good job! Michael: Ah… God. It’s too much, it’s too much… Gavin: You should absolutely not digest that though. [Still clapping]
Burnie: A valiant effort by Michael. Gavin: You should- you should blow that out. Michael: Ahh somebody just pooed! Gavin: [gagging]
Michael: [laughing] [door closes] [still laughing] Michael: You’re gonna throw up! [laughter] Michael: Somebody just. took. a shit. [Michael’s Maniac Laughter Continues] Gavin: My eyes! Gavin: [Retching] Michael: [still giggling] It stinks so bad! Gavin: Who was in here? Michael: Oh my god… Oh my god I have a pound of gummy bear inside of me and I can’t stop laughing… Michael: [puking noises]
Gavin: Oh… ohhhh… Michael: There were some chunks in that one. Gavin: I saw it there was some solid! Gavin: Look inside the toilet! Look in the toilet. Burnie: [disgusted laughing] Michael: It was all liquid. Burnie: [Spitting Noises]
Gavin: [Laughing] Gavin: Alright Michael. Michael: Yeah? Gavin: Uhh… You lost the bet. Michael: Um hm. Gavin: How do you feel? Michael: I’m glad I don’t have to eat it anymore. Gavin: Yeah. It looked pretty fricken rough. Michael: It was baaad. Gavin: Cause you said it was disgusting after like the left ear. Michael: It was bad, dude. It was disgusting but I wanted to put in a good show at least eat it for an hour. Gavin: Yeah you definitely didn’t go out like a bitch you ate the whole head.

100 thoughts on “RT Life – Michael Eats the 5lb Gummy Bear Challenge!

  1. Why does Gavin always make bets where if the person wins, he owes them $500, but if he wins he only gets $100?

  2. 0:44 Gavin "I wonder if you'll boke" good on Gav for bringing some true British lexical weirdness into things. 'boak' being mainly used by the scots in relation to vomit

  3. My brother walked in at 2:51 and asked what Michael did to puke up that much blood… Ya gotta admit… It does kinda look like anime-style gut-punch.

  4. And off camera Gavin performed an amazing surgery to rearrange Michael's insides from all that puking, and they lived happily ever after xD

  5. I feel like I'm the only person who rewatched him throw up the gummy bear. It was disgusting but I couldn't look away.

  6. "Dad, what were you like when you were younger?" Michael, without a word, turns on laptop and looks for the RT life playlist.

  7. I'm laying on my stomach with my pillow under my chin watching this and when Michael upchucked I literally laughed like a frenchman because of the way I was laying down then I proceeded to laugh at the fact that I had laughed like a frenchman. Also its 3am.

  8. I would a gone with cola. But that's like a flavor only I like. I've never met someone who liked cola flavored candy.

  9. I swear to god I just started to laugh when Michael began to throw up because it was so fuCKIG UNEXPECTED AND I JUST STARTED LAUGHING

  10. So I just found this video but last year before I found it I ordered a cherry cola one for my birthday because what else would I do? I ate it over the span of a month

  11. I could eat a burger that size easy enough. With a burger it's so many different flavors but that gummy is 5 pounds of the SAME cherry.

  12. I once had like a giant bag of gummy bears and at the time my favorites were the red ones so I was just picking those ones out, long story short, the red ones are no longer my favorite

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