Runaway siblings found after a 800 km (500 miles) journey

Runaway siblings found 800km from home Father: Are you tired, son? Fine? Are you safe? Where’s your sister? Do you know daddy was so worried looking for you? Son … The father cried immediately when his children called Daughter, are you tired? Not tired? Are you cold? Do you feel cold? Did you know mom and dad were looking all over for you? Did you know? Did you see it on TV? Did you? Nothing? Stay there and wait for me and mom to pick you up Do you know? Do you Understand? Don’t run away again! Me and mom miss you much! OK, sure, bye bye! The 14-year-old and 8-year-old siblings from Yunlin went missing last Friday Their worried parents held a press conference hoping the public could help them find their children The mother even went to a temple to pray for her children’s safety, hoping they would come home soon They received good news yesterday afternoon, when the siblings were found in Kenting by the police Their father drove to Kenting immediately after receiving the news, bringing the incident to a close Last Friday, the siblings told their grandma they were going to daycare Instead, they started their backpacking journey They took a bus from Yunlin to Touliu then took a train to Taipei, and spent the night Last Saturday, they took the Taroko train to Hualien and toured the area around the train station area for a day On Sunday morning, they took another train south They transferred in Taitung city to a train to Pingtung Then they took a bus to Henchun A kind-hearted lady took them to Kenting. The runaways covered 800km in total. The siblings set out with NT$4,000 NT$866 was yesterday And they were soaking wet from the rain. The brother said their dad had taken them to all these places before This time he took his little sister to reminisce about the good old days They slept on the street and lived on instant noodles and nuts They were even planning to go to E-DA World, an amusement park in Kaohsiung Apple Action New�

12 thoughts on “Runaway siblings found after a 800 km (500 miles) journey

  1. They did all that for $132 usd? well i guess sleeping on the street helped. What surprises me is that no one questioned why these 2 kids were traveling alone on the train and bus.

  2. wow..what a boss. lmao. strait up toured all of taiwan like a thug. if they werent caught i'm sure they would have easily ended up back at home where they started like nothing happened.

  3. The guy was backing away from the cameras but instead they get into his face more. Can't the dad have some dignity. Bit disgusting although expected from the media nowadays.

    Would have been nice to see the media help him book travel in some way instead of just watching and following like a seedy stalker.

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