Running 2 Miles – 3200 Meter Run Tips

Hello, welcome to the two mile tips from
otherwise known as the 3200 meter run. The first thing is I hope you’re in shape coming
into the track season because you can’t fake a two mile race. You better be ready when
the track season starts. As for the race itself, I see two different ways you can run this
race. The first way is what I call go out hard and hope not to die. That is the stupid
way to run, quite honestly. You shouldn’t do this. You’re not going to run as fast as
you could, and it’s going to hurt like crazy. The second way is running even splits. This
is hard to do to, but at least you won’t feel like death the whole race, and you have a
chance of passing people later on in the race. So let’s say you have a goal time of twelve
minutes. That means each lap should be around one minute and thirty seconds. So you start
your race off, you want to be under one minute and thirty seconds, but not too much under
that for your first lap. Then as you approach the half-mile, you hope to be at three minutes,
and actually during this whole first mile, you want to run this as relaxed as you possibly
can while trying to stay at your goal pace. Now if your goal pace once again is twelve
minutes, you better be under six minutes at the mile. After running as relaxed and as
quick as you can for the first mile, here comes the tough part after a mile. The two
mile race gets really hard because people tend to relax like whoo. I got a mile down,
I’ve got another mile to go. So you really have to push it that fifth and sixth lap.
Those laps are key to the success. When you get close to the finish, the excitement will
be there and you’ll start racing someone like these girls did down the stretch. So really
push it that fifth and sixth lap, and then try to find someone to race that last half-mile.
Alright. Happy trails. Good Luck.

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  1. How's this for a strategy? Keep in mind this is on a 200 m track. Laps 1-8, run 42 second laps. At the first mile, you will be at about 5:36. Laps 9-15, run 39 second laps so with one lap to go you're at 10:09. Then just kick it home on that last lap. That's what I plan to do in my debut on the 8th.

  2. It sounds very good actually. It's really going to hurt when you are pushing for those splits in the 6th and 7th lap. Be ready mentally for that type of effort.

  3. It's hard maintaining a perfect pace. You'll be so focused on running that your strict mental plan of 8 laps at 42 sec and such will probably go out the window. Set a realistic goal time that is achievable and try to hit those splits each lap. This is a personal preference of mine – I like to go out a little quicker in the beginning simply because you're fresh and feed off of the adrenaline. I tend to go out 2 seconds faster on the first lap, which is fine if my level of exertion isn't too high.

  4. What are you trying to qualify for, the State meet? It depends on where you live and what division your school is in such as 2A, 3A, 4A, etc.

  5. The guy in the front of the pack has a really nice stride and is most likely a really quick runner. Running always looks slower to the spectator but feels fast as heck when you're actualy running that pace.

  6. Hey great video,any suggestions for me? I'm 34 just started running last summer.My first 5km race was 28:09 but can do it in 25:20 now…I love to run 3km fast but need some guidance….I run 2km regularly at 7:36-7:57 Do you have tips to keep a fast pace for a full 3km/s Thank's in advance 🙂

  7. Trying to run even splits is too stressful. If you fall off one or two seconds, you will naturally get worried and mentally exhausted. Running with a pack is the best way to run the 3200m.

  8. We run 3000m for our highschool. My pb is 9:48 and I've been training quite a bit. Are there any other tips to try and get my time down a bit more. I feel relaxed the first half and my splits are all under 1:20. How can I improve

  9. I have to be under 6 minute mile in 2 weeks ? !!!! 
    im in good shape but idk if i can do that ? Any good tips 🙂 ? 

  10. every time I go to school and I gotta run a lap I be like DAMIT >_< but at the same time I'm like I keep coming first so wtf is the problem then I'm like oh I gotta run a hole lap around the school instead <_>

  11. I'm a freshman and in my first 3200 I ran a 10:17. I am trying to cut off 3 seconds to qualify for regionals. Any tips?

  12. last month I was running an 11 minute mile and now I am running a 7 minute 48 second mile how did that happen?

  13. I always sucked at running, now i'm running 6.5km at a slow pace, last two times I changed it to 3.5km Interval running with light jogging for 3 minutes as a warm up and 3 light jogging for the finish.
    All together 16 Minutes approx.

    Does it really suck?

    (Its the "Endomondo" interval pyramide training).

  14. I was in the Army. The 2 mile run is part of our PT Test. we trained a different method for the 2 mile run. Our method works.

  15. Breath through your noise not your mouth , and don't go full speed on your first lap , just jog it then when your getting up to more laps try to pick up more speed , don't drink any energy drink after your done 2 mile or 5k mile run , drink water .

  16. Recently did the 3200, and ran mile 1 and mile 2 pretty close to 5:50 (where I wanted to be) indoors, and I found it helpful to FIND A TEAMATE and STAY WITH THEM! After mile 1 you are going to be dying and finding it hard to keep going. I ended up outlasting someone from a seperate team, and then at the stretch, surging by them while they were trying to get around lap traffic. Very proud of my accomplishment and my 1st 3200 ever, finishing 11:51

  17. Yesterday I ran the JV district meet and tomorrow I'll be running varsity district meet. My coach is putting me in the 2 mile, 1 mile, and 800m if I don't qualify in any of those. But the thing is, I've never ran a 2 mile race before and he's expecting me to qualify in that race (4th place and up) I've asked other people on my team if they have any tips and all they say is there's really no technique to it just go out there and run. Ugh I'm not looking forward to it.

  18. I'm on the slower side of running and my coach put me in the 3200 for an invitational tomorrow. My time will be around 18 minutes probably but I'm just worried about being embarrassed because I will come in last by like 5 minutes. I've just started running and it's the best I can do so far.

  19. my personal record for the 2 mile is 11:51, do you think i can get 9:50 in 2 years? i do xc and soccer also. please give me some tips thank you!

  20. I ran this for like extra credit in P.E.
    My splits were a 6:35 mile and 7:40
    I could do better but it's just extra credit so 😛

  21. I'm a freshman in high school, and my best is 13:00 we run 2 and a half miles for basketball everyday, my best mile is 5:30. I want to get 2 miles under 13.

  22. as the distance captain of my track team, i can tell you that you never wanna run the 2 mile starting off fast. if you try that youll die after the first half of the race. the best thing to do is to run even splits, or even slower splits in the first half then get a little faster in the second half then all out the last lap, works for me quite well. ive only ran the 2 mile 4 times ever but my best is a 10:23 and i got that time by using that strategy. let me tell you, i passed at least 5 kids in the last 200 meters of my state meet because the other guys went out hard and were gassed. my tip is run smart and be patient in distance races.

  23. I'm supposed to run a mile every quarter at school, to succeed I need to run less then 10 minutes, on my first try I ran 9:24 then on my second try which was today 11/15/16 I ran 8:08

  24. hello there im a high school senior and just want ask if I can break 11 on a race day or practice b/c @ practice I ran the fisrt 3200m in 11:25 and the second 11:29 with a 800m break in between so if you can reply back plz with some advice plz

  25. Thanks so much for this video! I got put in a 2 mile for a varsity only ivitational (one of our best runners is injured). Im only a freshman, and the best Ive ever ran is 11:35, so I was really nervous. But I thought about what you said during the video, and I pr'd by 38 seconds to go sub-11! Thanks a lot

  26. Can someone help me? I'm currently in the process of enlisting in the military(army). My 2 mile run is 18.15. The army standard is 16.30 at the most. Any advice on how I can get it down to 16 flat in about 3-4 months?

  27. I’m a freshman so forgive me if what I’m saying is wrong but when I got a 11:24 I stayed at a comfortable pace for the first mile getting something around 6:21 or something close to that and just picked up the pace for the second mile doing a light sprint if that makes any sense

  28. I negative split this race. I don’t like fighting for position early on in a 8 lap race waste of energy. I went 5:15 5:05

  29. This helped so much man!!!! It’s crazy how the last stretch I’m running with this guy and we both get this random burst of energy running neck and neck!

  30. I ran a time of 11:47 on a 2 mile race in my conference meet in high school, should I wear track spikes on this event?

  31. I just think it’s weird how as a freshman I was able to run a 12:00, 2 mile exactly, with a pacer helping me and it felt pretty comfortable. But when I ran it again at another meet without a pacer I ran it in 12:28 and it felt much harder. Pacers help a lot more then you might think.

  32. p.s., the course for 3200m is typically 8 laps around a 400m track. That's not running inside the line or even on the line. 3 steps in a row on or inside the line is an automatic DQ.

  33. Even splits is a good option. I am going for sub 11min. So first mile 5:30, second mile 5:30 or below But the second is the hardest And ran 5:50. My pr is 11:20

  34. My tips. are don't be afraid to go after it but know your limits. If youre training in practice at the pace of 75s 400s dont be afraid to run 75s 400s in your race. My problem was that I wouldn't go for it because I usually had no one to race or someone way faster than me to race.

  35. Great video!
    Seems very accurate.

    I have a 2-mile road race tomorrow evening and I will execute everything mentioned in the video.


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