Running outside again – Ep 17 | Road to 99 Kg vlog

Hi guys I’m back to where I started. At
least at the same location. It has been a long journey and no I haven’t reached 99
kilos yet. I’m still going up and down. Currently going up and down at around
106-105 kilos I’m really for looking forward to this run. I’m gonna try to keep this short but
there are some things that happened. Well starting with knee pain I
it was too much after a while so I decided to take break in the beginning of
March took a one-week break and then I thought: now let’s go back to the
treadmill and do some more running. Buut, a nasty flu just slapped me over the face
and said no they’re gonna stay in bed for three days so I had to do that but
then I said: I’m better, but when I tried to get up from bed my lower back and my leg
hurt too much to do any kind of fitness. you have seen that I’m not vlogging as much
because well it’s really boring running on a treadmill. just gonna see me
running there. and then I didn’t have a lot of updates I now I’m back at it
again I will be running with the camera actually I’m recording on my phone now
so I’ll be running with the phone and recording from time to time like before I’m
not gonna make any promises about how much I’m gonna vlog I’m not gonna make
any more promises about when I’m gonna reach my 99 kilos.
it was much harder than I thought I thought it’s gonna be hard in the
beginning which it was but I thought it’s gonna be easier and easier with
time because of the routine and getting into into the healthy lifestyle enough
talking let’s go for this run i forgot how hard it was this running
oh I plan to run seven kilometers and I’m barely at 0.6 and I’m almost dead, but I’m gonna do it easy easy does it no rushing. just passed one kilometer this is gonna take a while
oh my average place for the first kilometer was 8 km or sorry
8 minutes per kilometer so I was dreaming of six six and a half seven
at most anyways I’m listening to this interesting podcast called hello internet GCP gray and brady and right now they are talking about healthyer
lifestyle at how to lose weight and actually gray says that his experience
was that his body would snap to certain certain points in the weight
curve so after losing some weight it will snap to a lower weight but it’s
gonna be harder to pass that point like me I was I was at one 117 for a while I
was at you know I’m hot 106 and I’ve been just going up and down have you
have seen in the graphs in the last episode and it’s still the same and then
he said that your body may get into a homeostasis point where it just wants to
reach that so if you eay if you overeat for a while tends to go back if
you try to lose weight tends to go back up when you’re when you’re cheating and
not keeping the diet and exercising routine so once you pass that it’s gonna
get easier so I want to make the 99 kg my next snap point take another break Oh just after two kilometers another five to go another kilometer 4 to go I’m getting into it but it still see I’m still slow I’m
gonna get faster with time i dont know if this can be called running oh my god feels like I have led
feet I don’t know why it’s just like I want to run faster but it doesn’t work
and I’m so tired I have just a bit more than one kilometre to go and I am so
tired I’ve been taking breaks almost every kilometer I’m on the last 200 meters and it’s hard uh, im done Oh way too slow way way too slow. I had to take a break
every kilometer even more often And I went slow way too slow
especially on up hills but I’m glad I did it
I actually did seven kilometers 7 kilometers in one hour and one minute
that’s slow for you. An OK run. I’m glad! see you guys!

3 thoughts on “Running outside again – Ep 17 | Road to 99 Kg vlog

  1. Look into intermittent fasting and keto. Also start doing yoga (tons of awesome yoga videos on Youtube). Avoid sugar and processed carbs

  2. Kudos to you for running I hate that activity with a passion hahah beautiful sights everywhere though! Hopefully that knee pain goes away!

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