Running Tips : How to Run the 800-Meters

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you
right now about, how to run the 800 meter race. The 800 meters, again, still a middle
distance sprint, not a long distance event, but you do want to get out very fast. The
start for the 800 meters is extremely important. While not as critical, because you’ve go longer
distances as the 100 meters. The 100 meters your start can make or break your race. The
800 meters, you’ve got a lot of ground you can play with, but again, your start is critically
important. You want to come out with a good clean start, getting yourself through that
acceleration phase, beginning from your foot position, spaced comfortably, about hip width
apart, feet staggered, roughly toe to heel, launching out your body through space, maximizing
your acceleration in your first ten steps, to get to that nice upright running posture.
Again, relaxing the upper body, the more efficient you are at conserving your energy, especially
through the first half of the race, for the first 400 meters, the more you’re going to
have when you get to the end, when you’re really trying to kick in. The upright running
posture and position, again, should be, body leaned slightly forward, as you are moving
forward through space, up on the balls of the feet. Again, the 800 meters, because it’s
a little bit longer of a sprint distance, there’s a tendency for novices to begin strike
with the heel, or further back on the forefoot. Trying to stay up on the balls of the feet,
again, because you are in a sprinting position, maximizing your efficiency, keeping your head
in a good neutral position, upright, nice and tall, not allowing your body to crouch
forward. What that does is compresses your lung capacity, so you’re going to gas out,
or actually run out of energy before you finish that race. Staying tall, utilizing that energy
efficiently, maintaining a good balance, neutral posture, very efficient from the start of
the race, to the finish. Those who run a cleaner race, as you may have often heard, are the
ones who typically finish in the top positions. So getting out with a great start, getting
into your neutral position as quickly as possible, maintaining that efficiency so that you can
finish the race as strong as you start.

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  1. yeah, i'm also a good runner, my best time junior year was 2:12…..who cares, get over yourselves, lol!

  2. Did this the other day in my first HPE class for the whole year and I think my time was like 8 minutes! I walked moat of it though, but soon I'll start training an getting my time down to 4-5 minutes which would be a record for me. P.S I'm DEFINITELY NOT the sporty type, and I haven't truly done a good run in ages.

  3. yea go to the mile and use the 800 for foot speed. I don't know what state your from but nationally you might be a miler. maybe 2 mile.
    unless your a female. Then run the 400 over the summer and cross country in the fall. you want to improve your strength so even consider a weight program focusing on the glutes and hamstrings after squats and chest and shoulders 3-4 times a week. not serious weight about 60-65% max in season 80-85% out.

  4. It's actually not that bad at all. I know high schoolers that can't beat that time. If you keep progressing you'll be great for high school/college

  5. Yes it is, I ran only 3 seconds faster in 6th grade than you. The last guys to reply to you are liers, they would've been in the AAU or USATF and would've won it.

  6. I ran a 2:16 my freshman year. This year my sophomore you I have slowed down for some reason. I gained muscle weight but its mostly in my legs. Is this the reason I am running slower times?

  7. No kidding.. I ran a 2:17 as a freshmen and wasn't even allowed as an alternate for my team to go to regionals.

  8. I'm a freshman and I run a 2:15 and keep cutting that down every time I run. I'm not even an alternative. Ready for these seniors to get out of here haha.

  9. If you want to shed fat, you should google the Skinnimaker Diet. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  10. Um You better check that because the Olympics Record for 800m Men is 1.41 seconds. Otherwise, see you in the olympics. I don't believe you got your time right bud.

  11. The world record is 1:40.91 held by David Rudisha. If you mean an estimated average of an elite athlete, then I'd say about 1:44.

  12. I'm in 7th and my pr is 2:25 is that good? I've gotten first place but I need a little more energy at the end cause I've seen on video on how they get closer to me at the end of the last 100m any tips? And I can't afford personal training and that happens to me to on the 400m

  13. I'm 12 years old and my pr in the 800 is a 2:22 and my 1500 is a 4:54. I'm trying to get my 800 down to 2:15 because that would put my relay team in 3rd in the country. Any tips.

  14. Hey, I started running track again last year which was my junior year in high school. My track team is the best in the state. We have win state 4 years in a row. I am wanting to go to state with my teammates senior year and I need some of guys help. Last year my best 800 time was 2:20.62. I want to drop 20 seconds. Any ideas or suggestion about workouts?

  15. Hi, I've got sports day coming up and I'm doing 800m. a friend of mine is also doing it and I've always been a stronger runner than her. However, recently I haven't been running and she has and I'm so nervous that she will be at me. do you have anything for nerves??

  16. i usually run 800m in 1:35–1:45.but i dont know how to participate in olympics. i want my talent to expose to the world

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