Russia 360: 30,000 kilometers in 40 days

3 climate zones, 8 time zones, 12 tonns of fuel, 180 flight hours… These figures represent the helicopter expedition “Russian 360”, which starts in the middle of July The expedition’s unique route will take place along the borders of the Russian mainland The only means of transportation will be the light helicopter Robinson R66… With pilot Igor Gurzhuenko and flight engineer Victor Sidelnikov on board Primarily, this expedition is a great adventure for us Besides, it is also a serious challenge Because you have to face a number of difficulties… As well as to work very hard both during the flight and the halts For 40-50 days the crew will fly more than 18,000 miles Over the course of the entire journey, pilots will be taking unique photo and video footage… From remote and inaccessible parts of Russia, where practically no one has gone before I have very complex feelings, because I’m still a beginner pilot The feeling of boundless freedom will come when you feel full control over the machine But now these are mixed feelings associated with learning, stress and hard work But later these feelings will pass Certainly, the sense of joy and freedom comes not immediately I would like to mention that it is the three-dimensional freedom Because even while driving a car, we stay in the two-dimensional space, moving only forward, backward, right and left There are no heights for us there But a pilot sitting in an airplane or a helicopter begins to understand what the birds feel The crew plans to set new records in aviation In addition to collecting ethnographical information on the modern life of airports located in the far regions of Russia

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