[S2 – Eps. 31] This is 9,000 years old hidden art in Argentina!

Good morning internet! It is 09:02 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! I am still on Estancia Santa Thelma where I went horse riding in the last video and today I’m leaving there are no clouds and I think it’s going to be relatively warm today the only thing is, it is very windy. You can hear the trees probably so I apologise up forehand.. up forehand? I apologise beforehand that there might be some wind noise in my video today But yeah, there is really nothing I can do about it I already have all sorts of “dead cats” and protection covers, wind things, on the cameras but at some point, if the wind is too strong, those don’t help either So, what is the plan for today I actually don’t know how far I’m riding today I haven’t checked it I think it’s going to be quite a distance but in any case, the main thing .. hey! good morning! back to the story the thing is, today I’m going to the “Cueva de los Manos” I talked about this in a previous video, which is supposed to be a very interesting site and so that’s where I’m going today and as far as I know, the road to the town where I’m going to stay, is all paved and then I think the last bit to the cave will be unpaved, or gravel or something so but riding wise it shouldn’t be any problem today If it’s all paved, then I’ll reach it very quickly oh before I go for breakfast, let me show you this look at the puppies! there are 6 puppies they are one month old and they are so cute, look at them hello guys! aren’t you cute! if I could take one on Dhanno, I would, because they are so freaking cute! oh you little worms! ok, bye guys! you’re sitting on my foot move your ass that was a puppy intermezzo oh the door is locked hello! good morning! how are you? Good! good morning, bonjour! itchy boots is going today alright wow, Marc-Antoine told me about this short cut he said I can take this trail to go back to the main road which is over there What a nice view right! Oh this was really one of those places I will not forget What a great place to stay and riding the horses, yeah it was amazing Ah! I thought, this looks locked but it’s not really Or is it? No, looks locked So I am now in a town called Baja Caracoles First I’m going to get fuel Here they hopefully have fuel the truck is still here, so I guess that’s a good sign Because if they don’t have fuel here, then well, then I don’t have any anymore Hello! How are you? Good? Sorry? Super yes? You have to wait because my mother is making a sandwich Ah, she is making a sandwich You wait.. yes, yes! Where are you from? The Netherlands You never fell off your motorcycle? No.. It’s dangerous No… So, I am all filled up, or well, Dhanno is all filled up that’s excellent, I filled up my extra cans as well what I am now going to do is, go to that hostel so I make sure I have a place to stay tonight then leave the bags there and then ride to the “Cueva de los Manos” and back, I think, it is still 50 kilometers from here or something but I rather make sure I have a place to stay because there is nothing else around here See if I can stay here This is actually a super interesting town because apparently, there’s only 40 people living here but they have a petrol station, they have a police, they have a school, I think some sort of nurse or mini hospital They have all the facilities, they have a fire brigade as well, I believe, anyway, let’s see if I can stay here a hostel Hello! “Golpear”, I think that means knock, no? I don’t know Hello! Sorry I was feeding my baby It’s okay! I’m looking for a room Yes, you have? They are privates or dorms? Privates They look unmade but they are clean Ok, very good No that’s ok! And the bathroom is there? I will put my stuff in the room and then I will go with my motorcycle to the Hands Cave and then come back Ok, very good! Thank you! It’s now 1:30, so I thought, before I go to the Cueva de los Manos, have a lunch here this is for lunch, looks really good! So I’m going to enjoy this and then ride to the cave It’s actually 70 kilometers from here, not 50 so it’s a bit further then I thought but it will be fine Wow, what a place! This really came as a surprise, this canyon! It’s amazing, isn’t it! So, I got lucky because once per hour they do a tour because you cannot go here by yourself you have to join this tour and I just arrived 5 minutes before 15:00 and they told me that there were already too many people on this one and I had to wait one hour but I said, oh, but I’m only one and they said, okay, you can join this group so now I am with this tour group guided tours are never really my favourite but sometimes you don’t have an option in any case, it is super beautiful here, look We are beginning with the first negatives of the hands and the first animal paintings So what’s interesting is that most of the hands you see on the rock there, they are mostly left-handed prints and that’s because most people are right-handed so they place their left hand and then use the right hand to blow the paint so that’s interesting and what the guide also told me is that the oldest paintings have been dated to be 9,000 years old and the youngest only 1,000 years old so the people that came here, they were not living here permanently but they were nomads so these hands, these paintings have been made through many generations when they came back to this place again, so it’s not just one time but they have very different dates what a place! very interesting site and I don’t know if you saw that video in Torres del Paine where I visit the cave of the Milodon and that animal also used to live in this area so what they say is that the earliest evidence of people here in Patagonia is of 14,000 years ago so the oldest paintings are 9,000 and the oldest, they found some, what are they called… like these points that they use for hunting or tools, or knives, something like that and they were dated to be 14,000 years so that was around the time that the Milodon got extinct and she told me that before the people were hunting Milodon and when the Milodon got extinct, they started hunting guanacos and that’s why you see a lot of the paintings are of guanacos and hunting scenes that they are hunting guanacos so it’s kind of all connected very interesting oh and one more interesting fact There was also one hand print, which was not a negative but a positive so, where they put the paint actually on the hand and then make the print and it counted six fingers and what they believe is that the group of people that came here was only a very small nomad group of like 20 or maybe 30 people and that actually led to inbreeding and yeah when you get inbreeding then you get these deformaties deformaties.. deformalities I don’t know, deformed hands, with six fingers instead of five It’s quite interesting It is boiling hot, I’m glad they told me at the entrance oh, you can leave your stuff here, because it will be super hot and they were right I think it’s definitely, I don’t know, 20 or 25 degrees or at least, that’s how it feels here in the sun there is almost no wind anyway I’m now walking back and then I’m just going to ride the same way back to Baja Caracoles and then that was it for today Hello! So cute! I put it there? Hi! Itchy Boots! Yeah! No way! You know me? I watched a couple of your videos oh really? Someone send me your info and said, you guys are close, you should watch her videos So I checked them out And I am back in my room it was a great day I really liked the cave paintings but to be honest, the ride towards the cave and back, yeah that was just fantastic! and just the canyon with suddenly all the green trees and the river and yeah it was absolutely fantastic, I really loved that ride so I’m happy that I went there I really enjoyed it yeah, other than that, it was a really long day, it is now 17:30 So I’m pretty tired so I’m going to take a rest now In the next video, I am going to cross the border back into Chile so I’m looking forward to that as well should be back in to the mountains and riding through a National Park, so I’m looking forward so that was it for today I hope you liked this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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    Ride safe girl.

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